YUL BSR RDA Variable Fields (490-5xx)

Tag Notes
490 ‡a Title proper of series.
490 ‡b Rare Materials: other title of series is mandatory.
490 ‡c Rare Materials: statement of responsibility of series is mandatory.
490 ‡x ISSN of series
490 ‡v Numbering within series.
490 Subseries title proper, ISSN, & numbering within subseries.
524 Archival materials. Preferred citation.
500 588 Source of title. For printed monograph materials (or images thereof) mandatory if the source is other than the title page. For all other formats, source of title is mandatory in all cases. For 588, see below.
500 Rare Books, Music: Note on statement of responsibility is mandatory if the title and SoR have been transposed from their presentation in the source. Make a note indicating the transposition.
500 Moving images[RDA 2.17. 6] Made when the date of production differs from the date of publication. If this note is made, 046 is not mandatory, but recording in both fields is preferred.
500 Archival materials. References to finding aids can be made through notes, access points, and/or URLs depending on unit policy.
502 Dissertation or thesis information [RDA 7.9] mandatory.
504 Notes on bibliographies and indexes are not listed & are not mandatory. Related work/expression notes and links, on the other hand, are emphasized.
505 Related work/expression [RDA 25.1] PCC recommends a contents note, no limit to the number of works, "unless burdensome." Note that this applies to collections/compilations of works, not chapters in a monograph. The BSR instruction to give an analytical AAP for the predominant or first work is also a recommendation. A compilation of conference or festschrift papers does not need an analytical AAP for the first paper. A compilation of 3 novels, on the other hand, should probably get as many as 3 analytical AAPs.
  Audio, Moving Image/Video: give a full contents note for compilations when feasible.
506 ArchivalRestrictions on Use [RDA 4.5]. Absence of restrictions should also be noted.
510 Rare materials. Citation notes and references to published materials are encouraged, using Standard Citation Forms for Rare Book Cataloging. See also the DCRM(M) Appendix H for notated music.
511 Audio, Moving image/Video: Performer, narrator, and/or presenter [7.23].
518 Audio: Date of capture [7.11.3]. Recommended, but not mandatory.
520 Summarization of content [RDA 7.10]. Archival: mandatory, additional guidance in DACS 3.1. PCC recommends for other resource types if helps to support user tasks. YUL: generally applied to audiobooks & video, and frequently to complex visual materials.
533 Use only for microform reproductions.
538 Equipment or system requirements [RDA 3.20]. "Use judgment to determine whether systems requirements go beyond the normal or obvious." See also 340.
546 Language of expression. Record if needed to differentiate. Record if the resource is in more than one language, and make a corresponding 041. Recommended if the language of the resource is not apparent from the description.
  Script. Mandatory for some languages. See LC PCC PS
588 Used for all online monographs. Use for multipart monographs if cataloging is not based on the first/earliest volume published; otherwise use 500 for the source of title.