Optional Practice

Optionally, record all bound with titles in ‡z. In that case, the ‡z note should read: The following titles are bound together:

Then use the following procedures to record the bound with titles:

a. From the 245 in the bibliographic record, copy enough of the title to allow for a reasonable search. A “reasonable search” means that a patron would be able to retrieve the record using the title as given in the 852 ‡z. Cataloger's judgment will dictate how much of the title would result in a reasonable search. This practice should remain in harmony with the AACR2 rule 1.1B4 which states: “Abridge a long title proper only if this can be done without loss of essential information. Never omit any of the first five words of the title proper (excluding the alternative title).” Indicate omission of title words by using marks of omission ( … ).

For truly generic titles, patrons will need to retrieve the bibliographic record using different access points and advanced searching strategies. Thus the information in the MFHD is not a true access point, but a patron guide to titles which are bound (or filmed) together in the same item.

b. Paste the title from the host bibliographic record's 245 into the MFHD's “852 ‡z The following titles are bound together: [host title]

c. Go to the bibliographic record for the guest title and copy enough of the title to allow for a reasonable search.

d. Go to the host MFHD.

e. Create a space after the first title, followed by two dashes, followed by a space (similar to the punctuation in a 505).

f. Paste the title as in step 6 above.

Follow steps c-f above for the remaining titles that are bound (or filmed) together.

After following the steps above, and updating the subfield ‡z in the MFHD 852 for the host title, none of the guest titles should have item records. All of the MFHDs for the guest titles should be either suppressed or deleted.

Public View (Brief View): Host Record with the Optional Detailed ‡z Note
Author   Guernsey, Samuel James, 1868-1936.
Title:   Explorations in northeastern Arizona; report on the archaeological fieldwork of 1920-1923, by Samuel James Guernsey; sixty-six plates and thirty-one illustrations in the text .
Published:   Cambridge, Mass., The Museum, 1931.
Description:   xi, 123 p. illus. (incl. maps) 66 pl. (incl. col. front.) on 34 l. 25 cm.
Location:   LSF- click "Place Requests" for delivery to any Yale library
Call Number:   C52 12 12:1-3
Status:   Not Checked Out
Notes:   The following titles are bound together: Explorations in northeastern Arizona -- Notes on the archaeology of the Kaibito and Rainbow plateaus in Arizona -- The ancient culture of the Fremont river in Utah
Series:   Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University ; vol. 12, no. 1.
Subjects (Library of Congress):   Indians of North America--Arizona.
Cave dwellings.
Indian baskets--North America.
Pueblo Indians--Antiquities.

For reference purposes, see also the step-by-step walk-through of Voyager procedures without the macro in Bound-with Procedures 2005. Appendix.