Bound-With Procedures


The following procedures should be used to link together several bibliographic records representing individual titles that physically exist in a single unit (i.e. a printed volume, microform, etc.). These titles have been brought together either locally, or by a publisher.

When this procedure has been applied, there will be a bibliographic record for each title, but only one holdings record will be visible to the public, and only one item record will be attached to that MFHD. Following Voyager terminology, the host record or host is the bibliographic record associated with the single publicly displayed MFHD; the host record generally represents the first title in the unit. The guest records or guests are the multiple bibliographic records linked via the host MFHD's item record to the host MFHD.*

Generally apply the procedures in this document to single part monographs bound with single part monographs. For situations where volumes of a serial or multipart are bound with volumes of another serial or multipart, or if volumes of a serial or multipart are bound with one or more single part monographs, refer to the separate document: Bound-with Procedures for Serials and Multiparts.

*NOTE: The bound-with procedures described in this document should not be used for analyzed titles that exist as separate volumes on the shelves. The Voyager “Bibliographic Record Linking” function was intended for use with such "parent/child relationships" but has not had satisfactory results at this time. Instead, refer to the document 856 Fields in Original, Copy, and Batch-Loaded Records for Tangible Resources.


Bound-With Procedures. Appendix. Manual Procedures

Bound-With Procedures. Appendix. Unlinking Bibliographic Records

Bound-With Procedures for Serials and Multiparts