4. 381 with Examples

Source: PCC Series Bridge Training, Module 3b, Slides 20-23, RDA 6.6

New Field: 381: Other Distinguishing Characteristics of Work or Expression

The 381 field is used to record the Attribute: Other distinguishing characteristic of work.  Remember that RDA instructs us that this attribute is a characteristic other than form of work, date of work, or place of origin of the work that serves to differentiate a work from another work.  As is true with all of these attributes, you can look in the MARC 21 Authority Format and in RDA by instruction number to find examples for each of these fields/attributes.

  • No indicators
  • Subfields
    ‡a Other distinguishing characteristic (R) – Any characteristic that is not accommodated  in a special field that serves to characterize a work or expression.  Examples are an issuing body, arranged statement of music, version, or a geographic term.  May be used to differentiate a work from another work with the same title.

Justifying the 381

Here are the usual source options.  Multiple instances of this attribute can go in the same 381 field as long as they share the same source. And, once again, follow the PCC practice for 670s, delimiter u, and delimiter v.

  • 670
  • Subfields

   ‡u  Uniform Resource Identifier (R)

   ‡v  Source of information (R)

  ‡2  Source of term (NR) – Code from the Subject Heading and Term Source Codes

  • Multiple characteristics from the same source vocabulary may be recorded in the same field in separate occurrences of ‡a

Under current YUL policy, a SAR for the Shakespeare example should not be made, since it requires a conventional collective titles and LC PCC policy has not been clarified for CCTs. If an AAP is needed, use Selections without further qualification.

Here is an example.  The authorized access point for the Shakespeare Memorial Theater is Royal Shakespeare Theatre (Stratford-upon-Avon, England).  You could use the natural language appearing on the source, or the authorized form.

100 1   ‡a Shakespeare, William, ‡d 1564-1616. ‡t Plays. ‡k Selections (Stratford-upon-Avon, England)
381     ‡a Selections
381     ‡a Royal Shakespeare Theatre
400 1   ‡a Shakespeare, William, ‡d 1564-1616. ‡t Shakespeare Memorial Theatre series

YUL: Since a CCT is not needed, a SAR of this type is OK to make.

130   0 ‡a Formules (Unnumbered)
381     ‡a Unnumbered