1. Series Treatment 008/12

Source: PCC Series Bridge Training

Series Treatment: 4 Types of Resources

Module 1, Slide 11

Under RDA, we will continue to transcribe series statements and create series authority records for these four different types of resources. 

Monograph series and analyzed serials have serial comprehensive descriptions.

Multipart monographs have monographic comprehensive descriptions.

Series-like phrases have no comprehensive descriptions; records for series-like phrases are created to save time for the cataloger. Although they are not mentioned in AACR2 or RDA, they are described in the LCRIs and the LC-PCC PS’s (2.12,, and 6.27.4), and they are valid in MARC21. Since they have proved useful, their place in the current metadata environment will need to be discussed.

  • Monograph series (008/12 = a)
  • Multipart monograph (008 = b)
  • Series-like phrase (008 = c)
  • Other (serials with issues that have analyzable titles) (008 = z)