5. SAR Additions to AAPs to Resolve Conflicts

Source: PCC Series Bridge Training, Slides 12-14

Presenter Notes. When the title is not unique, we add one or more qualifiers, to form the authorized access point .  The rules for making this addition to form a serial’s or a series’ access point are substantially the same as before, so we have in these examples a Place of Origin Attribute, and an issuing body and publisher, both Other Distinguishing Characteristic Attributes.

130   0 Mining survey (Boise, Idaho)
130   0 Occasional papers (Geological Survey (South Africa))
130   0 Tolkien, J. R. R. ‡q (John Ronald Reuel), ‡d 1892-1973. ‡t Lord of the rings ‡s Spoken word (Recorded Books, Inc.)

Additions to Generic Titles

Presenter Notes. In other words—as before, there are several attributes that can be used as qualifiers; the choice depends on whether the title is generic, and on other factors. Here is an example of when we qualify with Place of Origin and/or Publisher or Issuing Body (one of the Other Distinguishing Characteristics, at the Expression level), and use Form of Work or Date of Work when needed.

130   0 Occasional papers (Geological Survey (South Africa))
130   0 Occasional papers (New York State Museum : 1945)
130   0 Occasional papers (New York State Museum : 1976)

Unnumbered vs Numbered, Corporate Name as Numbered Series

As before, if the best way to distinguish between two otherwise-identical series authorized access points is to add “(Unnumbered)” to one of them, then that is what we do.

Also as before, when numbering is present on our item in conjunction with a corporate body name, we consider that name to be the series title and distinguish the series authorized access point from the corporate body’s authorized access point by adding the Form of Work:


"Unnumbered/numbered titles from the same body. If one body issues both an unnumbered series and a numbered series/serial with the same title, add the qualifier "(Unnumbered)" for the unnumbered series in all cases of such a conflict. (For example, if the new title is numbered and the existing title is unnumbered, change the authorized access point for the existing unnumbered series to add "(Unnumbered)".) Do not apply this technique when some issues of a series lack numbering."

130   0 Cambridge studies in modern optics
130   0 Cambridge studies in modern optics (Unnumbered)
130   0 Scottish Heritage Society (Series)