2. SAR 046

Source: PCC Bridge Training Module 3b Slide 3, RDA 6.4, 6.10

New field: 046: Special Coded Dates (R)

The 046 field is used to record the Attributes Date of Work and Date of Expression found in RDA 6.4 and 6.10.  As you remember from using this field in NARs, there are no indicators to code.  The subfields k and l (el) can be used to record the beginning and ending dates of a series.  Dates like this might also be recorded in the 640 field – Series Dates of Publication and/or Sequential Designation.  Remember the Dates of Publication are what we will most often use to infer the dates of the work.

  • No indicators
  • Subfields

‡k – Beginning or single date created (NR)

For a work, earliest date (normally the year) associated with a work; that date may be the date the work was created or first published or released.

‡l – Ending date created (NR)

Ending date of the date range for which the beginning date is recorded in ‡k.