3. Notes

RDA does not stipulate note order. The cataloger can arrange in order of importance, in MARC order, or AACR2 order. YUL original cataloging generally enters 590 as the last note.

500 [RDA] Source of title proper. As noted under Title proper, for audio recordings the note is mandatory no matter what the source.

500     ‡a Title from disc label.
500     ‡a Title from insert.

Variations in title, parallel titles, etc. are recorded in 246 1_ (with the exception of parallel titles, 246 31)

500  Accompanying material if not already accounted for in 300 ‡e.

501 With note. <unlikely>

502 RDA  Formal dissertation note. <unlikely>

505 Contents note. Generally make a contents note for collections of popular/traditional songs, since this information may be as important as the title. Subfielding is not required. For compilations, record duration of each work if readily available.

Record the label name and issue/matrix numbers in 028 rather than 5xx (unless the label name and/or issue/matrix numbers cannot be reasonably expressed in 028).

511 [RDA] Performers. BSR: mandatory for audio recordings. The first indicator generally should be 0. Indicator 1 is intended to generate the CAST label, which more likely would be applicable to non-music sound recordings or Western musical theater. (Indicator 0 would be appropriate for Chinese opera, but Chinese opera is not a category of Chinese popular music). Names of principal performers from the statement of responsibility should be repeated in 511.

511 0   ‡a Tobias Chinoda, lead guitar ; Moses Mudadisi, rhythm guitar ; Fredrick Ndlovu, bass guitar ; Benias "Jambaiya" Gent, drums.
511 0   ‡a Arranged and performed by the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (David Buchbinder, trumpet, E-flat alto horn ; Laura Cesar, acoustic bass ; Evelyne Datl, piano, accordion ; Anne Lederman, violin, kaval, mandolin, vocals ; John Lennard, drums, percussion ; Allan Merovitz, lead vocals ; Martin Van De Ven, clarinets, bass clarinet, taragato) ; in part with Allen Cole, accordion, piano, xylophone ; bandleader, David Buchbinder.

518 [RDA] Date of Capture. PCC recommended for audio recordings, but not mandatory. See also 033. Make a note if the recording is of a live performance; include place and date if available. [Requested by Research Services; not required for PCC core, but required for YUL.] BPMC recommendation: "For audio and video recordings, routinely record place and date of capture if readily ascertainable, in a 518 field. If feasible, also record place and/or date of capture in 033 field."

Indicators: both are blank. Subfields: Date, time & place may be entered in ‡a. Examples in BPMC prefer ‡o (other event information), ‡d  (date), ‡p (place). If the subfield indicators are used, there is no intervening punctuation separating the subfields.

518     ‡a Recorded April, 1990 at Inception Sound, Toronto, Ont.
518     ‡o Recorded ‡d  April, 1990 ‡p  Inception Sound, Toronto, Ont.

520/380 [RDA 6.3 Form of Work, 7.2 Nature of Content] Mandatory in the access point if needed to differentiate (and should be routinely added in the authority record, if created). Optional in bibliographic record notes but recommended for traditional music recordings. Although 380 can be used in bibliographic records, controlled vocabulary (LCSH) is preferred for this field. 520 is more flexible & a better choice. BPMC recommendation: "Make a note if the work or expression is not adequately described by the title or by using appropriate genre/form or subject headings. Notes can combine genre/form and medium of performance (7.21), especially if compilations of diverse works can be described more concisely than by giving the elements separately." [However, note that BPMC enters notes on form and content in 500 rather than 520; on the other hand, 520 is frequently used in LC field office records & the first indicator 2 value seems to be aimed specifically at nature of content.]

Indicators: use first indicator 2 to generate the display constant Scope and content. (First indicator blank generates Summary; currently, first indicator 2 does not affect the Orbis display constant for 520, which is Summary, but there is always the possibility of greater granularity in the future.). Second indicator is always blank.

Recommendation. When updating production-level records, re-tag scope & content 500s to to 520 2#.

520 2   ‡a Principally instrumental music of the Ju'hoansi bushmen of Namibia, played on traditional instruments; some selections include vocals.
520 2   ‡a Javanese gamelan music.

530 Availability in other formats. If applied, use 776 rather than 530.

538 [RDA 3.19.3 Digital File Characteristic--Encoding Format] The 500 note Compact disc is obsolete. Compact discs are identified as such in 347 ‡b CD audio  For compact discs with augmented or special playback characteristics, record details in 538.

347     ‡b audio file ‡b CD audio ‡b SACD ‡2 rda
538     ‡a Hybrid Super Audio CD (SACD): CD standard stereo playable on regular CD player; requires SAC player and playback equipment with analog inputs for DSD (Direct Stream Digital) stereo or 4.0 multichannel surround sound to audition SACD-encoded layers.

546 [RDA 7.12] Language(s). The note is made for spoken or sung content unless it is apparent from the rest of the description. When in doubt, make the note.

520 2   ‡a Synagogue music from the Bene Israel of Bombay, India.
546     ‡a Sung in Hebrew.
520 2   ‡a Mbaqanga songs.
546     ‡a Sung in Zulu and English.

For notes about the language or languages of accompanying texts, enter in 500 rather than 546.

546     ‡a Sung primarily in Japanese, with some English.
500     ‡a Includes program notes in Japanese on insert.



In all of the examples, 3xx fields have been left out.

EXAMPLE. 520 Nature and form note; 546 Language note; 500 Source of title note (Reminder: source of title note is mandatory).

008 Composition sg (Songs)

245 0 0 ‡a Atạla vijaya : ‡b Bhājapā ko voṭa dījiye.
264   1 ‡a Bhopal : ‡b Smriti Television Media & Films, ‡c [2003?]
520 2   ‡a Campaign music for the national election of 2004 in India, in favor of Bharatiya Janata Party, political party. <nature and form>
546     ‡a Sung in Hindi. <language note>
500     ‡a Title from insert. <source of title>
650   0 ‡a Campaign songs ‡z India.


520 2# Nature and form note. 511 Performer(s) note; 518 performance note (note use of repeatable subfields); 505 contents note with timing. It may be that the cataloger dispensed with the language note because the title of the collection and all of the song titles are in English LC record (2003590376) but there would still be a case for making a 546 due to the origin of the band and the locale.

008 Composition pp (Popular Music)

110 2   ‡a Syzygys (Musical group), ‡e composer, ‡e performer.
245 1 0 ‡a Eyes on green / ‡c Syzygys.
264   1 ‡a New York, NY : ‡b Tzadik, ‡c [2001]
520 2   ‡a Avant-garde Japanese pop music. <nature and form>
511 0   ‡a Syzygys (Shimizu Hitomi, 43-tone organ, vocal ; Nishida Hiromi, violin, keyboard, vocal ; Imahori Tsuneo, guitar ; Shiina Tatsuto, bass). <performers note>
518     ‡o Recorded live ‡d Dec. 7, 1988 ‡p Roppongi Inkstick, Tokyo ‡d Dec. 20, 1983 ‡p Crocodile Harajuku, Tokyo. <performance note>
505 0   ‡a Niva 3:26) -- Eyes on green (3:16) -- Suicide on a fine day (4:30) -- Fruits of passion (4:05) -- Pastoral cha cha (5:26) -- Lotus rain (3:56) -- Syzygy rider (3:23) -- Ammonite dream (4:06) -- D.P.O. (4:07) -- Such a face? (3:43) -- Abyssinian cat (3:32) -- Bossa nova! (3:38) -- Fauna grotesque (2:56) -- Fonce (5:06).
710 2    

EXAMPLE. LCCN 2003328341 production level record modified for RDA (performer moved from 100 to 700). Notes arranged in MARC order, with the exception of the 500 note.

  • 500 compact disc note, augmented, paired with a 538 system details note
  • 505 contents note with timings
  • 511 performers note
  • 520 2_ scope and content 546 language note
  • 518 could have been made for a full level record, but the relevant details are in the 245 ‡b other title
  • Note that for an enhanced CD, the Format of Music code (OCLC Form) should be s

008 Composition zz (Other).

041 0   ‡d hin
245 0 0 ‡a Shruti Sadolikar  : ‡b live in Ayodhya, 2002.
264   1 ‡a Gandhinagar : ‡b Virgin, ‡c  [2003]
505 0   ‡a Raag Multani: Vilambit khayal : He Gokul gaon ka chora; drut Teentaal : Bolan lagi lagi re koyaliya (28 min. 31 sec.) -- Raag Dhani: Bandish from Punjabi lok sangeet : Sade naal ve miyan (10 min. 06 sec.) -- Raag Mishra Maand: Bhajan Meerabai : Sakhi maro kanharo (10 min. 55 sec.) -- Raag Mishra Pilu: Bhajan Surdas : Piya bin nagin kali raat (10 min. 06 sec.) -- Raag Mishra Pahadi: Marathi natya sangeet : Ram rangi rang le man (10 min. 13 sec.).
511 0   ‡a Mahmood Dhaulpuri, harmonium; Vinod Lele, tabla.
520 2   ‡a Classical vocal music in Hindustani style.
500     ‡a Enhanced CD (disc states in error that it is a DVD-Audio/SACD).
538     ‡a System requirements: PC: Pentium 133 Mz or equivalent with 32 MB RAM; OS: Windows 9x/NT 4.0 (SP4)/ME/2000/XP.
546     ‡a Sung in Hindi.
700 1   ‡a Katkar, Shruti, ‡e singer.