11. LCC (General)

These guidelines apply to SML cataloging in support of the general SML policy to shelve media resources with books in the LC classification sections of SML stacks and its collections.

Media type : assign a media term (CD or TAPE) as the last element of the call number before "(LC)" (if used), when the sound recording is the primary media type.

In LC classification, the M schedules do not provide classification specifically for sound recordings. Use the range M1627-M1853 Folk, National, and Ethnic Music. Although the range is a subsection of Vocal music, popular/traditional instrumental music should be entered here as well. See EXAMPLE 7. Generally, the countries with a high volume of sound recording publications are subarranged into General Works and Popular Music. The other countries are listed in sections labeled "Other regions or countries, A-Z." All countries on the "Other" list will have the same class number with a single Cutter number assigned to each country. NOTE: catalog records for sound recordings predating the policy documentation may exist under other numbers, e.g. ML421, which has been used for sound recordings of popular and jazz groups. Follow the new policy unless you are adding a copy.

Both General and Popular are further subdivided by Collections and Separate Works. Use the General Works range for music considered to be "classical" for that country's culture. Use Popular music for both folk-traditional and contemporary pop music.

Tip: since the range is quite lengthy, navigation can be facilitated by first selecting Hierarchy Classification Browser (bottom right of the ClassWeb Main Menu) & typing m1627 as the initial search. The initial display will be by broad region; click on your country's region and the countries will be listed in collapsed form, which can be expanded further.

CAUTION: African music is arranged by either ethnic group or country. The numbers for ethnic groups do not have separate Classical/Popular categories. Class traditional music by ethnic group, if possible. Class popular music by country. When in doubt, class to popular music and assign LCSH as popular music.

Note that Native Americans are in the ethnic range for North America, M1668-M1671.

Music of the Jews as an ethnic group is at the end of the Folk-National-Ethnic range, M1850-M1853. M1850 [General], M1851 [Zionist, Hasidic], M1852 [Yiddish], M1853 [Other dialects]. See EXAMPLE 8. For Jews in Israel or Palestine, use instead the country/region numbers: M1810-M1811.2, subarranged like other multi-number countries.

Keep in mind that sacred music of the Jews is classed elsewhere: M2186-M2187 [Liturgy and ritual; usually associated with the subject Synagogue music]. See EXAMPLE 9. For sacred vocal music not part of officially prescribed worship services, use M2114.3. For choruses use M2079.5 [with keyboard] or M2099.5 [unaccompanied].

For music of the Arabs in general, use M1828. Otherwise, use the specific numbers for the country or region. For Saudi Arabia, use the range M1792-M1798.2. For other Arab countries of Asia, use M1824-M1825. For the music of individual Arab countries in Africa, use M1838.A-Z.

For the sacred music of Islam, use M2188.I74 or, for vocal music, M2114.4.M88 (assuming most Islamic music is for solo voice).

Since LC applies these class numbers to many of the folk-national-ethnic sound recordings in its collection, it is OK to use the 050 tag for call numbers since the application of these numbers to sound recordings would not be a local practice. Do not include the media type as the last element of the call number in 050 _4.c