9. LCSH Examples (1)

Examples (most of them originally LC production level; modified for RDA).

  • All 260s were re-tagged to 264. If a phonogram "p" appeared with the date, it was replaced with brackets and a 264 _4 field was added. All 264 _4 fields should be considered optional. 
  • In most of the original LC examples, duration was not provided. Since it is now core for pcc, an approximate duration has been added to the examples as a place-holder; it does not represent the duration of the actual manifestation. Exact total duration may be available from your playback system.
  • In all of the examples, the codes in 336-337-338 are optional (the fields themselves are mandatory). When cataloging directly on OCLC, the template will provide the codes based on the format chosen.
  • Relator codes were all replaced with relationship designators; only the RD's for composer and principal performer should be considered mandatory.

EXAMPLE 1 (parallel fields not included). Popular (not traditional) music.

Songs, Arabic has no established chronological subdivisions, so it is paired with Popular music to bring out the period. A heading for the form qualified by language is not mandatory under H 1916.5 but is part of the array generally assigned to music of ethnic groups (see previous page, H 1917 d.). The full H 1917 array is not generally assigned when combining H 1916.5 & H 1917. For popular, non-traditional music, note that H 1917 a. is not used--no 650 _0 ‡a Arabs ‡v Music. Choice of entry: should be under the artist since no composer is named.

041 0   ‡d ara
100 1   ‡a Aṭrash, Farīd, ‡e composer, ‡e singer.
245 1 0 ‡a Ilaʹ al-abd. ‡n (al-Juzʼ al-thānī) = ‡b For ever. ‡n (Vol. 2)
246 3 1 ‡a For ever
264   1 ‡a Dubai ‡b EMI Music Arabi, ‡c [1987]
264   4 ‡c ℗1987
300     ‡a 1 compact disc (approximately 60 min.) : ‡b digital ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
336     ‡a performed music ‡b prm ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a audio ‡b s ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a audio disc ‡b sd ‡2 rdacarrier
344     ‡a digital ‡2 rda
347     ‡a audio file ‡g CD audio ‡2 rda
500     ‡a Title from disc label.
511 0   ‡a Farid El Atrache.
505 0   ‡a Ich ena -- Hebbina hebbina -- Fok ghosnek ya lemona -- Salehni oussalem bidak.
650   0 ‡a Popular music ‡z Arab countries ‡y 2011-2020.
650   0 ‡a Songs, Arabic.

EXAMPLE 2. Rock music.

Since Rock music has established chronological subdivisions, the Popular music heading is not needed. If the information was readily available, the members of the group would be entered in 511. This example is an LC production level record; in the original the required 500 note for the compact disc was lacking. In the example, the assumption is that the group composed its own songs, so it has been assigned to 110 rather than 710 (. In 041, first indicator 0 since it is not a translation. Use ‡d for the language(s) of the songs; additional language subfields for printed texts are not required under the new BSR for sound recordings.

041 0   ‡d ind ‡d eng ‡e ind ‡e eng
110 2   ‡a Slank (Musical group), ‡e composer, ‡e performer.
245 1 0 ‡a Virus / ‡c Slank.
264   1 ‡a [Jakarta] : ‡b Virgo Ramayana Records, ‡c [2006?]
300     ‡a 1 compact disc (approximately 70 min.) : ‡b digital ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
336     ‡a performed music ‡b prm ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a audio ‡b s ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a audio disc ‡b sd ‡2 rdacarrier
344     ‡a digital ‡2 rda
347     ‡a audio file ‡g CD audio ‡2 rda
520 2   ‡a Indonesian popular rock songs.
546     ‡a Sung in Indonesian and English.
500     ‡a Lyrics sheet inserted in container in Indonesian and English.
500     ‡a Title from container.
505 0   ‡a Intro Indonesia -- Utopia -- Virus -- Alas Roban -- Jkt pagi ini -- Para se-X -- Lembah Baliem -- Sikon -- Funkin' politix -- Tuan kota -- Symphaty blues -- Kereta terakhir -- #1.
650   0 ‡a Rock music ‡z Indonesia ‡y 2001-2010.

EXAMPLE 3 Traditional music.

LC production level records leave out the 041 field; 041 added for Ndebele (Zimbabwe) in subfield d for language of the sung text. Original AACR2 choice of entry was the primary performer; moved to 700 under RDA. Although the 511 indicates modern instrumentation has been used, the subject treatment is for traditional rather than popular music, & is further supported by the first note, so the subject array follows H 1917 rather than H 1916.5. Following the H 1917 pattern, the cataloger has assigned a subject for the ethnic group, the musical genre, qualified by language.

The assumption is that the music for the Ndebele people does not distinguish among art, popular, and folk genres, so Music rather than Folk music is assigned. Both the general form [Music] and the specific form [Folk dance music] were assigned--but this practice is not consistent, perhaps due to the production level cataloging standards. Why not "Dance music" rather than "Folk dance music," to be consistent with the broader category of Music? But compare LCCN 96981493 Injabulo 2000.

041 0   ‡d nde
043     ‡a f-rh---
245 0 0 ‡a Ubuhlobo abuthengwa  / ‡c Chase Skuza.
264   1 ‡a Harare : ‡b Metro Studios ; ‡a Bulawayo, Zimbabwe : ‡b Kwakalulwama Music Company, ‡c 2007.
300     ‡a 1 compact disc (approximately 45 min.) : ‡b digital ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
336     ‡a performed music ‡b prm ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a audio ‡b s ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a audio disc ‡b sd ‡2 rdacarrier
344     ‡a digital ‡2 rda
347     ‡a audio file ‡g CD audio ‡2 rda
520 2   ‡a Traditional Ndebele dance music.
546     ‡a Sung in Ndebele.
511 0   ‡a Tobias Chinoda, lead guitar ; Moses Mudadisi, rhythm guitar ; Fredrick Ndlovu, bass guitar ; Benias "Jambaiya" Gent, drums.
505 0   ‡a Kube ngangisazi -- Omalayitsha -- Juba -- Bamba lami ngibenge -- Amasiko -- Ubongwa efile.
650   0 ‡a Folk dance music ‡z Zimbabwe.
650   0 ‡a Ndebele (African people) ‡z Zimbabwe ‡v Music.
650   0 ‡a Songs, Ndebele (Zimbabwe)
650   0 ‡a Music ‡z Zimbabwe.
700 1   ‡a Mthunzi, Chase Skuza, ‡e singer.

EXAMPLE 4 Popular music.

LCCN 2005325527. Production level record (041 added). In this example, the music is unambiguously popular rather than traditional, so the subjects assigned for H 1917 are not used, i.e. no Music--Zimbabwe & ethnic group subjects. However, as in EXAMPLE 1, the form heading qualified by language of the text described in H 1917 has been used. Since a popular music heading is the primary subject, further subdivision by locality and chronological period is applied. Chimbetu appears to be the composer of the songs, so as primary creator he is entered in 100 (under either RDA or AACR2).

041 0   ‡d sna
043     ‡a f-rh---
100 1   ‡a Chimbetu, Simon, ‡e composer, ‡e singer.
240 1 0 ‡a Songs. ‡k Selections
245 1 0 ‡a Reward £10 000 000  / ‡c Simon Chopper Chimbetu.
264   1 ‡a Harare : ‡b Distributed by Metro Studios, ‡c [2004]
264   4 ‡c ℗2004
300     ‡a 1 compact disc (approximately 50 min.) : ‡b digital ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
336     ‡a performed music ‡b prm ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a audio ‡b s ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a audio disc ‡b sd ‡2 rdacarrier
344     ‡a digital ‡2 rda
347     ‡a audio file ‡g CD audio ‡2 rda
520 2   ‡a Songs on various themes.
546     ‡a Sung in Shona.
511 0   ‡a Shephard Mande, lead guitar ; Moffat Nyamupandu, bass guitar ; Cloud, sub lead guitar ; Knowledge Nkomo, rhythm guitar ; Allan Chimbetu & Samunga, sub rhythm guitar.
505 0   ‡a KaRhumba -- Ten million pound reward -- Yeuka -- Maneno yawongo -- Kikiriri -- Kumba -- Govenor Conwell -- Muridzo.
650   0 ‡a Popular music ‡z Zimbabwe ‡y 2001-2010.
650   0 ‡a Songs, Shona ‡z Zimbabwe.