7. Access (1xx/7xx)

RDA (formerly AACR2 21.23A1-B1) For an audio recording of a single work by a composer, or a collection of multiple works by a single composer, the composer will be the main entry with an added entry for the principal performer. So if performer A sings the songs of composer B, enter under B. This won't happen as often in popular/traditional music, but it does happen, even in area studies.

Per 3rd paragraph, if a work by composer A is substantially modified by composer B such that it changes the nature or content of the original, then composer B is credited with being the creator of a new work. In line with the Music Library Association recommendation, generally do not apply the RDA paragraph to compilations, even if all of the works are by the same composer.

RDA 20.2. For a collection of works by different creators, the performer of the works is defined as a contributor, not a creator. As a contributor, the performer cannot be assigned 1xx in the MARC bibliographic record or in an author/title MARC authority record.

There is no equivalent to AACR 21.23C, the "principal performer" rule. Under AACR2, for music sound recordings, choice of entry differed from book cataloging for a collection of two or more works by different composers: the bibliographic record for the sound recording was entered under the name of the person represented as the "principal performer." A principal performer could be a person or a group (corporate body).

NOTE: in the following example, the titles in 505 represent songs by multiple composers. Also, note that since the title proper From the heart is a very common audio recording title in popular music, it conflicts with other titles proper, so a 130 is made with a qualifier to differentiate it in the AAP. Per RDA, the preferred means of differentiating are: form, date, place of origin, and/or another distinguishing characteristic. It turns out there are multiple audio recordings with the title proper From the heart published in 2009 by different artists and published in New York, so neither form, date, nor place of origin are sufficient to differentiate the title. The logical distinguishing characteristic would be the artist name. Local policy: if a 130 is needed, do not create an authority record in NAF.

008 Composition pp (for both examples)

130 0   ‡a From the heart (Audio recording : 2009 : Sinatra)
245 1 0 ‡a From the heart / ‡c Frank Sinatra.
246   1 ‡a New York, NY : ‡b Columbia/RCAVictor/Legacy, ‡c [2009]
511 0   ‡a Frank Sinatra ; with accompaniment.
505 0 0 ‡t Blue skies ‡g (3:17) -- ‡t Star dust ‡g (3:09) -- ‡t Night and day ‡g (3:02) -- ‡t Dream (when you're feeling blue) ‡g (3:02) -- ‡t Someone to watch over me ‡g (3:18) -- ‡t September song ‡g (3:05) -- ‡t Lost in the stars ‡g (3:15) -- ‡t Stella by starlight ‡g (3:19) -- ‡t Laura ‡g (3:17) -- ‡t Autumn in New York ‡g (3:15) -- ‡t Lover ‡g (2:39) -- ‡t Begin the beguine ‡g (3:52) -- ‡t Body and soul ‡g (3:18) -- ‡t Hello, young lovers ‡g (3:32) -- ‡t I've got a crush on you ‡g (3:14).
700 1   ‡a Sinatra, Frank, ‡d 1915-1998, ‡e singer. <under AACR2, Sinatra would have been entered in 100>

EXAMPLE. Same performer, single composer (LCCN 2003605759 modified for the RDA example).

Since the composer has to be the main entry, an added entry for Sinatra is required. Note that additional added entries justified by the 505 were also made, but this is certainly not required. The formatting of the 505 is not required. Locally, the 518 note is only required for the details of live performances, but include other types of edition history if the information is readily available. The RDA abandonment of the AACR2 "principal performer" rule also affects the series.

100 1   ‡a Porter, Cole, ‡d 1891-1964, ‡e composer.
240 1 0 ‡a Songs. ‡k Selections
245 1 0 ‡a Sinatra sings Cole Porter / ‡c Frank Sinatra.
300     ‡a 1 compact disc (50 min.) : ‡b digital ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
490 1   ‡a Sinatra sings
511 0   ‡a Frank Sinatra, vocals ; with additional musicians.
518     ‡a Recorded 1944-1951.
505 0 0 ‡t Night and day -- ‡t Begin the beguine -- ‡t I get a kick out of you / ‡r with the Vimms Choral Group -- ‡t I love you -- ‡t Easy to love ... [etc.]
700 1   ‡a Sinatra, Frank, ‡d 1915-1998, ‡e singer.
830   0

‡a Sinatra sings. <under AACR2, the series would have been formulated as:

800 1_ ‡a Sinatra, Frank, 1915-1998. ‡t Sinatra sings>

For live recordings, an added entry is generally not made for the place of recording. Added entries are generally not made for the publisher of the sound recording.

Other than 511, notes justifying added entries are not required (pcc core). Make a justifying note if the added or main entry is not established and the name is not recorded in 245.

Relationship Designators. Follow the PCC Guidelines on the assignment of relationship designators: PCC Task Group on Relationship Designators Final Report . Under the PCC guidelines, relationship designators are mandatory for RDA defined creators. They are recommended but not mandatory for performers. Do not follow the older music cataloging practice of assigning relators codes, e.g. ‡4 prf for performers.

Series added entry. The qualifier (Sound recording) is used only if there is a conflict with another series in a different format. This would be unusual for traditional/popular sound record, even though it is relatively common with audiobooks. For audiobooks, the series title may be the same for both the printed and spoken versions. LCRI 21.30L One or several series headings, 3b-c) Different physical media: the series heading for the sound recording must be distinguished from the series heading for the print version. Note that the LCRI says to use the media qualifier if the same title is used for the same work in different formats. So, the media qualifier is not required if the sound recording work's title conflicts with the series title of a different printed work, but neither is it forbidden provided there is a conflict. If there is no conflict, generally do not qualify the series title with anything.

EXAMPLE. Series no conflict; no media qualifier.

Composition pp (Popular music)

028 0 1 ‡a UICZ-6007 ‡b Universal
245 0 0 ‡a Compilation of action stars / ‡c produced by UM3 Japan.
264   1 ‡a Japan : ‡b marketed by Universal Music : ‡b distributed by Victor Entertainment, ‡c p2003.
300     ‡a 1 audio disc : ‡b digital, stereo, mono ; ‡c 4 3/4 in.
490 1   ‡a Cinema stars collection
500     ‡a Compact disc.
650   0 ‡a Popular music ‡z Japan ‡y 1961-1970.
650   0 ‡a Motion picture music ‡z Japan.
830   0 ‡a Cinema stars collection.<no conflict with any series title>