511 - 508 - 500 - 518 - 586

511. Statements of responsibility for Cast (7.7B6), i.e. performers, players, narrators, presenters.

Cast notes are required where appropriate (e.g. feature films, some short films), although how much to include is at the discretion of the cataloger.

First indicator 1 generates the label Cast in Voyager; do not enter "Cast:" in the note when indicator 1 is used. AACR2 says to "list featured players, performers, narrators, and/or presenters" [emphasis added]. There is no standard order for recording cast names; listing in the same order given on the credits is probably the easiest.

511 1   ‡a Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia De Havilland.

Sometimes catalogers follow alphabetical order.

511 1   ‡a Eileen Atkins, Bob Balaban, Alan Bates, Charles Dance, Stephen Fry, Michael Gambon, Richard E. Grant.

Optionally, the role played by the actor is given in parentheses.

511 1   ‡a Aldo Fabrizi (Nicolaio, the Tyrant), Brother Nazario Gerardi (St. Francis), the Monks of Nocera Inferiore Monastery (the Thirteen Brothers).

First indicator 0 generates label Performer in Voyager; use indicator 0 if Cast is inappropriate. Earlier cataloging entered voice-over narrators in 508; current practice is to use 511 for all narrators. When first indicator 0 is used, introductory wording for the type of responsibility must precede the name. AACR2 7.7A1 requires a colon-space following the introductory wording when it is entered in the notes.

511 0   ‡a Narrator: Ian Holm.
511 0   ‡a Hosted by: Bill Moyers.

Performers can also be recorded in the statement of responsibility in 505. See the first example in 505.

508 Statements of responsibility for credits (7.7B6)

The credits note is required, but how much to include is cataloger judgment; the scope of the credits will generally depend on the genre of film (feature, documentary) being cataloged. For some videos, the names recorded in 245 ‡c should be sufficient.

508 generates the label Credits in Voyager; do not enter "Credits" in the note. AACR2 7.7B6: "Preface each name or group of names with a statement of function." "Credits" is the introductory wording, so a colon-space is not used following the statement of function. Note that ISBD spacing is not used around the semicolons. Making added entries for names in 508 is optional.

508     ‡a Director of photography, Alex Barber; editor, Eddie Hamilton; music, Michel Colombier; costume designer, Arianne Phillips; production designer, Russell De Rozario.
508     ‡a Screenplay, Harold Pinter; music, John Dankworth; camera, Gerry Fisher; editor, Reginald Beck.

500 Edition and history. (7.7B7)

Of particular importance is the original release (or production, or broadcast) date of the motion picture or program; it should be recorded if the information is known if this information is readily available on the item being cataloged. Generally, no additional research should be performed (YUL). [Film Studies will probably be checking IMDB]

Information in some notes (e.g. "based on") may be incorporated in 520. If a "based on" type note is made, make an author-title added entry for the original work, even if the film adaptation title is the same.

500     ‡a Originally released as a motion picture in 1964.
500     ‡a Originally broadcast in 2002.
500     ‡a Originally broadcast Thursday, May 5, 1995 as a segment of: Nightline.
500     ‡a Based on the novel by Jane Austen.
700 1   ‡a Austen, Jane, ‡d 1775-1817. ‡t Sense and sensibility.
500     ‡a Based on the 1974 Italian motion picture Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto by Lina Wertm_uller.
730 0   ‡a Travolti da un insolito destino nell'azzurro mare d'agosto.
500     ‡a Remake of the 1933 motion picture of the same name.

518 Date and place of capture

YUL: Not explicitly accounted for in AACR2. Consider as an aspect of the history of the work; record if known based on the item in hand. Used primarily for video recordings of live performances. If the information is incorporated in 520, the 518 note is not made.

245 0 0 ‡a James Galway plays mostly Mozart ‡h [videorecording] / ‡c Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. ; John Goberman, producer.
518     ‡a Taped during a "Live From Lincoln Center" broadcast from Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, on July 14, 1982.
245 0 0 ‡a Richard Pryor, live in concert ‡h [videorecording] / ‡c Bill Sargent presents a Hillard Elkins-Steve Blauner production ; See Theatre Network in association with Compact Video Systems, inc. ; produced by Del Jack and J. Mark Travis ; directed by Jeff Margolis.
518     ‡a Recorded live in 1979 at the Terrace Theatre, Long Beach, Calif.

586 Awards

YUL: Not explicitly accounted for in AACR2. Consider as an aspect of the history of the work. Record if readily available (on the resource).

586     ‡a Received Academy Award for best picture in 1957.

500. Publication, distribution, etc. and date. (7.7B9)

AACR2 uses 7.7B9 to indicate:

a) publication details not included in 260 if considered to be important,
b) date of the original production when it differs from the date of publication, and
c) the country of the original release if not stated in the description.

The need to use a) or b) should be rare. The b) situation only applies if the motion picture release date is known to differ from the original production date; such information will rarely be available with the resource unless the difference is being used as a marketing ploy. However, use of c) is stated as a requirement. If the resource actually has an explicit statement such as "First released in Yugoslavia," in that case the statement would probably be used in a quoted note. But in the absence of such an explicit statement, the LCRI for 7.7B9 says to make instead a somewhat equivocal note when the producer/emanator is a foreign firm:

500     ‡a A foreign film (Yugoslavia).

Furthermore, the LCRI states that the note should not be made if the motion picture was co-produced with a U.S. firm.

It is not clear whether this note is regularly or consistently applied in U.S. cataloging in any case. In the absence of an explicit statement, making a note in the form given in LCRI 7.7B9 should not be considered a requirement.

500 Physical description other than "system details" (7.7B10)

If information is not recorded in 538, it is recorded as a 500 note. Notes about sound and aspect ratio should be recorded if readily available (i.e. stated on the resource). Because video cataloging practice defines edition statements broadly, the implied aspect ratio is often indicated in the edition statement, e.g., 250 Anamorphic widescreen. Unless the actual ratio is given, it would be redundant to repeat this information, e.g., as 500 Anamorphic widescreen.

500     ‡a Mono. sound.
500     ‡a Dolby digital 5.1 sound, stereo.
500     ‡a Aspect ratio 2.35:1.
500     ‡a "THX digitally remastered."

For DVDs, record also information regarding single/dual layers if the information is on the container:

500     ‡a Dual layer.

Combined note:

500     ‡a Single layer format; aspect ratio 2.35:1.

Since most DVDs are single-sided, make a note if the DVD is double-sided:

500     ‡a Full screen version on one side, widescreen version on other side.

OLAC recommends that the following DVD information be ignored, "since it is standard on all DVDs": interactive menu, scene access, scene selection, previews, advertisements.