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TRIAL: China Comprehensive Gazetteers 中國綜合方誌庫

February 13, 2018

A trial for a Chinese language database, China Comprehensive Gazetteers 中國綜合方誌庫, has been set up for Yale University users from now to March 12, 2018. The database has been added to the Library’s Chinese studies research guide. Since the access is controlled by Yale IP ranges, you have to login Yale VPN first to get access from off-campus locations. User’s guide is available.

Produced in conjunction with the National Library of China, East View’s China Comprehensive Gazetteers (CCG) database presents a vast collection of Chinese local gazetteers spanning eight centuries 1229-1949. Chinese gazetteers are one of the rich resources available for researching China in multiple aspects, including its political history, literature, and religion, as well as the biographies of famous personages, its culture, economic development and its geography and natural history. More than just local gazetteers, CCG also includes source materials, dictionaries, specialized works on topography, palaces, gardens, travel and even foreign travel. This particular database contains approximately 7,000 titles (100,000 volumes) presented in image and/or full text to date. The database also supports both simplified and traditional Chinese search.

Please feel free to contact Michael Meng, Librarian for Chinese Studies, if you have any questions about the trial.

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