Find Databases

The Find Databases list, a list of database titles, is now part of Quicksearch, with the heading Databases:

Searching Databases with Quicksearch

The catalog records that make up this list are a subset of Books+, so all of the resources that appear here are also discoverable through more general searches in Books+.

From the Database List, you can search multiple ways:

  • Browse for a known title by clicking on a letter of the alphabet
  • Search for a keyword, title, or subject using the search box

The hundreds of databases the library subscribes to include collections of e-journals and e-books, primary sources, image, sound and video collections, and abstract and indexing services.

Robust cataloging makes it possible to search on both current and former titles. Within a list of search results, you may limit to a language, subject, or LC Classification letter. 

Not finding what you need within the Database list? You can easily toggle over to Books+ and run a search across the full catalog.