Creating and Accessing Lists of Records

Saving Records

In Books+ and Articles+ you can create and save lists of records for use later.

Tip: Login first before trying to save records.

To create and save lists of records you will

  • Login
  • Go to Books+ or Articles+
  • Check the box next to records you wish to save. 
  • Once you have selected records, save them to the Bookbag for use later. The Save to Bookbag and other options for exporting to Endnote or email, are listed under Selected items pulldown menu.

Creating Lists Using Quicksearch

Tip: You can create lists of books and articles by creating a list and putting material from Books+ and Articles+ in it.

Accessing the Bookbag and Other Lists

The bookbag and other lists are available under Saved Lists in the top level menu in the blue bar at the top of the screen. You must login first to access saved lists. 

Once you've gone to the Saved Lists, you'll see your Bookbag and other lists you may have created. 

To make a new list from Bookbag items. Select items again using the check boxes.

Creating a List from Bookbag Using Quicksearch

Save them to a new list by using the Copy Selected Items pulldown menu.

Give the list a new name and click on Submit.