Advanced Quicksearch Search Help

Advanced Search

You will find the Advanced Search link to the right of the search box when you are in Books+.  Sample screen illustrates the location of the Advanced Search link.

This powerful search engine brings a new level of sophistication to searching Books+, and has features that are not available in Orbis or Morris.  

In Advanced Search, you can

  • search up to 5 rows of terms or phrases
  • choose from 14 fields (author, title, subject, etc.) or All Fields (keyword) per row
  • connect rows with Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT 

You may also limit on the opening search screen by

  • format
  • library location
  • language (start typing the name of the language to narrow the list)
  • publication date or date range

After searching, click on Modify Search to edit your search.

Searching for Multiple Terms

  • If there are 1-2 clauses, all are required
  • If there are 3-5 clauses, all but one are required 
  • If there are 6 clauses, all but two are required
  • If there are more than 6 clauses, 90% is required

When a search uses three or more clauses, therefore, some of the results will contain most but not all of the clauses entered.

Boolean Searching

  1. General Order of Precedence:  Not/And/Or
  2. Exception - If two rows are joined by an ‘OR’ operator, and they are searching on the same field (for example - Title:data or Title:numeric), then they are converted to a Solr min-match, essentially grouping them in parens.

So the assumption is that a search for:

"Title:data or Title:numeric and Title: Python" means
(Title: data or Title: numeric) and Title: Python
"All Fields: modern AND Title: poesia AND Subject: portugal OR All Fields: brazil" means
(Allfields: modern OR All fields: brazil) AND Title: poesia and Subject: Portugal