Library Information Technology

Create a Digital Collection Highlight Page

When a digital collection is created or migrated to the Findit interface a digital collection page should be created. This page describes the collection and links to a scoped Findit search.

Example pages:


  • Login to the web site
  • Create a new page of Content Type=Collection Highlight
  • Give the collection a title, which must match the name you've used when you created the collection in Ladybird.
  • Upload a high quality image. You may use more than one image.
  • Note that for accessibility you MUST give Alternative text for the image. Make it descriptive, naming things in the image, or what is depicted by it. This should be different than the offical title of the image.
  • For Digital Library URL in FindIT you will use the faceted digital collection link. First you must take that URL and convert to a more manageable URL with a service such as Bitly or TinyURL. Otherwise, the link will break.
  • Give a full description covering interesting points about the collection.
  • Enter the names of any funders  for the collection by choosing from the drop down list under Funding Source. If your funder is not listed an entry must be created first. Contact the Development Office for the official name of the funder, and then speak with User Experience staff to have the entry made. 
  • Fill in other fields as desired.
  • Switch Theme Key to YUL Digital.
  • You must enter under Related Resources the YUL Terms of Use,
  • Change to a created URL, which should follow this standard[collection-name-use hyphens-no-spaces]
  • Three fields help to determine how the collection will display on the Digital Collections page.
    • New collections will usually be in Findit, so that radio button should be selected. 
    • Promoted only applies to collections not in Findit. For Findit collections ignore this field (leave as NO).
    • Featured. Select this field if you would like your collection to show in the rotating images. You must have a good quality image associated with the collection. 
  • Remember to save your work.
  • When you are ready, Publish the page.