Variant Format Cataloging (Access & Linking Fields, MFHD, ExportQ)

Access Points

Check subject (6XX), name (1XX/7XX), title (7XX), and series (4XX/830) headings against the authority file for currency and accuracy.

Delete subjects with the subdivision --Specimens.

7XX - Title Added Entries and Linking Entries

Do not make added entries for the provider.

If cataloging on OCLC, make a 776 linking field to the OCLC record for the print version. For the time being, cataloging in Orbis will not make the 776 linking field.

For OCLC instructions in using the Insert from Cited Record command, click here and use Find in Page to search "Insert from Cited Record."

830 - Series Added Entries

Retain series added entries for the print series. Generally it is not necessary to make series added entries for the e-version unless the publisher is also the provider. When in doubt, do not make a distinct series added entry for the e-version; the 830 for the printed series is considered sufficient.

MFHD <new location code>

In the MFHD, create an 852 field with first indicator 8 and second indicator 0 (zero). Enter the location code yulintx for Yale Internet Resource in subfield b. Do not provide a call number in subfield h; simply enter None. Add Online resource as a public note in subfield z. Formerly, the location code for all online resources was yulint; yulint is now used only with vendor supplied cataloging, which cannot be exported to OCLC. When YUL catalogs the records, we want them to be exported to OCLC; location code yulintx will be flagged for export once it has returned from MARS.

852 8 0 ‡b yulintx ‡h None ‡z Online resource


Upon completion of cataloging, export the bibliographic record to MARS by clicking Send in the ExportQ window with the bibliographic record open.

If there special copyright restrictions on the e-version, use yulint rather than yulintx. There should be a note with the selector cataloging request regarding any restrictions on access. It's not expected that it will happen frequently. Enter a note in 948 if it cannot be exported.

948 __ ‡a DO NOT EXPORT