Copy Cataloging e-Books


For background,  the Variant Format cataloging guidelines for e-books should be reviewed.

See also Copy Cataloging Guidelines on the Fixed Fields (e-Books) page.

See also MFHD and ExportQ page under Variant Format Cataloging (Access Points, MFHD, ExportQ)

245 ‡a. The GMD [computer file] may appear in records created before 2001. Leave the GMD as found on cataloging copy. The GMD will be updated, if necessary, when the record is processed by MARS. If for some reason the cataloging copy lacks ‡h, enter it as [electronic resource].

250.  Delete provider-specific edition statements. (Hypothetical example: our link is to the Oxford University Press site, but the record has 250 Brill online ed.) Do not add edition statements for our provider.

256. Leave if found on cataloging copy.

260/264. If the cataloging copy has a different e-book provider in 260, change it to match the publisher statement on the printed version.

300. It is not necessary to add a 300 or modify an existing 300 to the PCC standard. (Some cataloging agencies simply leave off field 300 for online resources; some agencies enter "PDF" in ‡b.

490. If there is a provider series statement, delete it (and the corresponding 830, if there is one). When in doubt whether the series is for a provider or is a true publisher series, retain the series.

588. It is not necessary to add the DBO note. Retain 530 on member copy only if Yale owns the item in the format described in the note. Add the 590 note. There are a number of 5xx fields that are now obsolete when cataloging e-books; they can be left in the record. If a note refers to an online provider that is not ours, delete it.

856. Delete all 856 fields from the cataloging record. Enter the Yale 856 URL following the guidelines above.

6xx. In the copy cataloging workflow, subjects are not checked.

7xx. If there are any 7xxs that are obviously for a provider that is not ours, delete them. Do not add 7xxs for our provider. When in doubt, retain the 7xx.

830. If there is any series that is for a provider that is not ours, delete it. Do not add series for our provider. When in doubt whether the series is for a provider, retain it.