Variant Format Cataloging (Variable Fields: 245-5xx)

245/246 - Title/Variant Title

Some obsolete AACR2 practices need to be modified when creating a new record:

  • Under RDA, the GMD (general material designator, ‡h [electronic resource]) is not used. Do not enter a GMD in 245.
  • If the print record used the "rule of 3" in the statement of responsibility, replace "... [et al.]" with the names of the other authors. The first author named should be moved to the 100 field from the 700 field of the print record. Do not consider editors to be authors; they continue to be entered in 700.
  • Supplied "other titles" (245 ‡b) in brackets should be removed. However, bracketed words used for clarification in 245 ‡c are still OK under RDA.
  • Bracketed "[sic]" should be removed. If the "[sic]" applies to something in 245 ‡a, enter the corrected form of ‡a in 246.
  • AACR2 replaces ellipses (...) with a dash (--). If your title source has ellipses, transcribe the ellipses; do not replace with a dash.
245 0 0 ‡a Struggles in the promised land : ‡b toward a history of Black-Jewish relations in the United States / ‡c edited by Jack Salzman & Cornel West.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u <URL restricted by licensing agreement>
245 0 0 ‡a Psalterion = ‡b Psalterium : juxta exemplar Alexandrinum.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u URL
245 1 0 ‡a Canada. ‡n Part II, ‡p the history from 1763-1921 / ‡c by Hugh E. Egerton.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u <URL>

If the e-monograph has source copy but the e-version has additional variant titles, enter the variants in 246 1_.

100 1   ‡a Brooks, Charles J., ‡e author.
245 1 0 ‡a A+ certification training guide  / ‡c Charles J. Brooks.
246 1   ‡a A+ training guide.
246 1   ‡i Available from some providers with title: ‡a A plus training guide
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u <URL access restricted by licensing agreement>

In general, retain 246 fields that were on the print record. Re-tag them to 246 1_ -- in some systems, the indicators on the original record may generate labels referring to the physical book.

Make additional 246 fields for variant forms of the title found on the e-version if they would aid in retrieval of the record. Tag these as 246 1_‡i Available from some providers with title: ‡a <title>

Do not end 246 with a period.

If there is no source copy for the printed resource on which to base the online record, the cataloging does not fall into the online reproduction category. The online e-monograph in that case should be cataloged as born-digital original cataloging, a different workflow.

250 - Edition

Retain the edition statement for the print edition, but do not add edition statements for the online provider. If the record for the print original was cataloged following AACR2 rules, some cataloger supplied abbreviations may have been used. If the original edition statement is reproduced in the online resource (e.g., on a title page image captured on PDF), transcribe it as it appears with no supplied abbreviations.

256 - Computer File Characteristics

This field is obsolete. File characteristics are described in a note.

264 - Publisher Statement

Based the publisher statement on the original printed version, but change the tag from 260 __ to 264 _1. If the online source has an image of the publisher statement (on PDF), replace any supplied abbreviations with the spelled-out form as found in the statement, including state abbreviations in brackets in 246 ‡a.

300 - Physical Description

Replace the print version's 300 with a 300 for the e-version. Always begin with 1 online resource. Add pagination in parentheses only if the e-book has pagination. Go with the last numbered page; it is not necessary to include plates in the numbering. Add ‡b only if appropriate--don't assume that if the print version has illustrations the e-book will, or that if the print version illustrations are color the e-book illustrations are color. Do not enter "PDF" in ‡b. Do not make or keep a ‡c or a ‡e. If there is no closing punctuation, end the field with a period.

300     ‡a 1 online resource :‡b illustrations.
300     ‡a 1 online resource (325 pages)
300     ‡a 1 online resource (100 pages) : ‡b illustrations  (some color)

336-337-338 Content, Media, and Carrier Type MARC Fields

The AACR2 GMD is somewhat replaced by the new MARC fields. They do not display but are keyword indexed. These need to be added to the new record for the online resource. A macro can easily be derived from the one used for printed material. The MARC fields for e-books will look like this:

336     ‡a text ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a computer ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a online resource ‡2 rdacarrier

490 -- Series

Retain series statements from the print edition, including the print ISSN (‡x).

5XX - Notes

Notes that apply only to the original can be left as is.

Add the following notes.

530 - Other Formats Note

In general, do not make a 530 (available in other formats) note. If cataloging is done on OCLC, use the PCC guidelines and make a 776 field rather than a 530.

588 Description based on

NEW: As the second to the last note (assuming there is a last 590 note), make a DBO note for the version used as the cataloging source. As of Oct. 1, 2011, use 588 __ instead of 500 for the DBO notes for e-monographs. Continue to use 500 for cataloging the print version.

588     ‡a Description based on print version.
588     ‡a Description based on microfilm version.

590 -- Local Note

Add a local note on access unless the e-book is not licensed. Enter 590 as the last note.

590     ‡a Access is available to the Yale community.


Per the PCC guidelines, the following notes formerly used in e-book cataloging are now obsolete:

500/540. Notes about the e-book provider(s).

506 [Access restricted by licensing agreement]

516 [Type of computer files, e.g. Images, text.]

533. Reproduction note.

538. Mode of access: World Wide Web.

540. Terms of use.

583. Action note.