E-books (856)

856 - Electronic Location and Access

Create an 856 field to provide access to the resource.

Generally create and test the 856 field before proceeding with cataloging. Consult with supervisor if the link does not work.

Code the first indicator 4 to specify that the access method is HTTP. Code the second indicator 0 (zero) to specify that the URL provides direct access to the resource described in the body of the record. Enter Online book in subfield y for the link text. In subfield u, copy and paste the URL as it appears either from the search window or the selector e-mail. If the URL changes from session to session, copy the link location by moving the cursor above the link text, right-clicking on the mouse, and selecting Copy Link Location. If the publisher provides a URL for bookmarking or linking, use that.

After saving the record, test the link in the Orbis OPAC, primarily to verify that the URL was transcribed accurately. If the link does not work, or if it does not take you directly to the resource to be described in the bibliographic record (for example, the link sends you to a website portal or requires a log in by the user), or if the resource requires payment before the user can access it, do not proceed with cataloging until the access issues are resolved. Until the problem is resolved, suppress the record from the OPAC.

245 0 0 ‡a Between grammar and lexicon / ‡c edited by Ellen Contini-Morava, Yishai Tobin.
856 4 0 ‡y Online book ‡u <URL>

Copy Cataloging Guidelines. Delete all 856 fields from the cataloging record. Enter the Yale 856 URL following the guidelines above.