Fixed Fields (e-Books)

Fixed Fields


Leader Image

Supply a value for Type of Record that reflects the predominant content of the resource. Online books should be coded a (Language material) even when they include search software and hyperlinks.

Since online resources are considered published (formerly AACR2 9.4B2), do not use codes for manuscript material. For example, an online dissertation is coded a (Language material) rather than t (Manuscript language material).

When cataloging on Orbis, use Encoding Level <blank>.

CAUTION. When cataloging on OCLC, use E/Lvl I.

Variant Format Cataloging

008 - General Description


The value supplied for Type of Record in the leader triggers the type of 008. For online books, that type is Book.

Click the 008 button. When necessary, provide or change the coding when necessary for: Publication Information, Form of Item, Language, Modified Record Code, and Cataloging Source. Retain publication information for the print version, and verify that it describes the source of the e-monograph being cataloged. For example, if the record for the print version describes a revised edition, the content for the e-monograph should be for the same revised edition. Form of Item should always be coded o (Online) [formerly coded s Electronic Resource). Modified Record Code should be coded _ (Not modified). Cataloging Source should be coded d (Other).

007 - Physical Description


Create an 007 to describe the physical medium of the resource.

Click the 007 button, select the Computer file tab, and click New. Specific Material Designation is always coded r (Remote). No Attempt to Code should be selected for the other fields.

006 - Additional Material Characteristics

006 image

Create a 006. Click the 006 button, select the Computer File tab, and click New. For ebooks, Type of File should be coded d (Document). Target audience can be unknown or | No Attempt to Code. Code the Govt Publication field as applicable.

Copy Cataloging Policy:

  • Accept the leader coding as given on cataloging copy with one exception: the Type of Record must be a [language material] not m [computer file]; this may have an impact on retrieval. If it is necessary to change the Type of record code, other fixed fields will need to be filled in. For online dissertations use Type of Record a rather than t.
  • Verify that the 008 Form of Item code is o [If the Form of Item is coded s; change to o]
  • Always create an 007 for c (Computer file) if not found on cataloging copy.
  • It is not necessary to create a 006.
  • Otherwise leave the fixed fields as is.
  • When searching, prefer a record with the codes used in current cataloging, all things being equal.