4. Title Proper, Other Title, or Statement of Responsibility? Examples

Example 1. RDA “If the title includes a name that would normally be treated either as part of a statement of responsibility or as the name of a publisher, distributor, etc. and the name is an integral part of the title (e.g., connected by a case ending), then: record the name as part of the title.”

245 1 0 ‡a Martha Stewart’s baking hand book.

Examples 2-3: 2.3.4. “Other title can include any phrase appearing with the title proper that is indicative of: the character, contents, etc. of the resource, or the motives for, or occasion of its production, publication, etc.”

Example 2.

245 1 4

‡a The conscript : ‡b a novel of Libya's anticolonial war / ‡c by Gebreyesus Hailu ; translated from the Tigrinya by Ghirmai Negash.

Example 3.

245 1 0

‡a Courts were appointed in convenient places : ‡b a lecture presented on the occasion of the bicentennial of the Fairfax County Courthouse, April 2001 / ‡c by Donald M. Sweig.

Examples 4-5-6: “If a noun phrase occurs with a statement of responsibility, treat the noun or noun phrase as part of the statement of responsibility.” Example E. Bib record had “a novel by” (including “by”) in ‡b. Example F: “poems by Zen monks of China” was entered in ‡b. Example in RDA “created by the fourth grade class of …”

Example 4.

245 1 0

‡a Characters from Dickens / ‡c dramatised adaptations by Barry Campbell.

Example 5.

245 1 0

‡a Guilt by degrees  / ‡c a novel by Marcia Clark.

Example 6. Example F: Noun phrase not connected to the statement of responsibility.

245 0 0

‡a Clouds thick, whereabouts unknown  / ‡c poems by Zen monks of China ;  [translated by] Charles Egan ; illustrations by Charles Chu.

Example G.

245 1 0

‡a Rabbi Harvey rides again : ‡b a graphic novel of Jewish folktales let loose in the Wild West / ‡c Steven Sheinkin.