12. Series Statement Transcription

Source: LC RDA Training, Module 1 Slides 125-129, Sept. 2012

Title of Series in More Than One Language or Script

Choose the title proper of the series in the language or script of the content of the resource. [RDA]

Example: Title of series also appears as: Collection Mercure. Resource is in English.

490 0   ‡a Mercury series

Title of Series in More Than One Form

Choose the title proper of the series on the basis of the sequence, layout, or typography of the titles on the source of information; if not, choose the most comprehensive title of series. RDA "Sequence" applies to the earlier slide on preferred sources for the series statement.

Example. Title of series also appears as: À pleine vie:

490 0   ‡a Collection "à pleine vie"

Note: the LCRI that instructed the cataloger to use upper case for a series name in apposition to the generic series term was not carried over into the LC PCC PS. It would be possible to follow the capitalization used on the resource, but to be consistent, the capitalization option should be used for all transcription areas.

Other Title Information of Series

Record other title information of a series only if it is considered necessary for the identification of the series

Example. Other title information of series: a collection of facsimile reprints.

490 0   ‡a English linguistics, 1500-1750

If the Other title is transcribed, it follows the same rules used for the title proper. Keep in mind that, as with the title proper the Other title of the series must be taken from the same source as the title proper of the series.

ISSN of Series and Subseries

ISSN is:

  • Core if present
  • Instructions under: RDA 2.12.8 and 2.12.16
  • Take the ISSN  from any source within the resource
  • NEW: MARC 490 ‡x now repeatable

LCPS for the optional omission in Do not omit the ISSN of the main series if the ISSN of the subseries is given

Numbering Within Series and … Within Subseries

Numbering is:

  • Core
  • Instructions under: RDA 2.12.9 and 2.12.17
  • Entered in MARC 490 ‡v
  • Guidelines are generally the same as those for Numbering of serials
  • Transcribe captions as found
  • For the access points, use the caption abbreviations in RDA Appendix A (if the caption abbreviation is not provided in the SAR)
490 0   ‡a ...  ‡v volume 32
490 0   ‡a ...  ‡v Band LXXXVIII