6. Place of Publication

Source: LC Training Sept. 2012

Slide 89 Core, Sources, Transcription, Additions

Presenter notes:

"Place of publication is the first of three core elements related to publication. 

"CORENESS:* If more than one place of publication appears on the source of information, only the first recorded is required.

"A place of publication is a place associated with the publication, release, or issuing of a resource.

Sources:  Take places of publication from the following sources (in order of preference):

a) the same source as the publisher's name

b) another source within the resource itself

c) one of the other sources of information specified under 2.2.4

Transcribe places of publication in the form in which they appear on the source of information.  Include both the local place name (city, town, etc.) and the name of the larger jurisdiction (state, province, and/or country) if present on the source of information.

An optional addition in allows you to add a larger jurisdiction if it doesn’t appear on the resource.  LC takes no position on this option -- use cataloger judgment.

*NOTE: Place of production is NOT core for unpublished materials (264 _0)

Slide 90 More than One Place of Publication

Presenter Notes

"Only the first place is “Core.” There is no requirement to record a place in the “home country.

"No longer will U.S. catalogers need to look for a place in the U.S."

Slide 91 Language or Script

Presenter Notes:

"If the place of publication appears on the source of information in more than one language or script, record the form that is in the language or script of the title proper. If this criterion does not apply, record the place name in the language or script that appears first."

Slides 92-93 Supplied Place; Examples

Presenter Notes:

"LCPS instructs catalogers to supply a place of publication if possible, rather than record “[Place of publication not identified]” (remember that the Latin abbreviation “S.l.” is not permitted by RDA)."

Known local place [Toronto]
Probable local place [Munich?]
Known country, state, etc. [Canada]
Probable country, state, etc. [Spain?]

"Place" means jurisdiction; you can't use [North America?] or [Middle East].