3. No Collective Title

Source: LC RDA Training Module 2 Slide 81 Sept. 2012

RDA Note that, per the LC PCC PS, the RDA alternative to supply a devised title is not followed.

EXAMPLE Compilation of Works by Different Creators (No Collective Title)

Use the title proper of the first work as the preferred title (do not devise a title)

Applying the basic RDA instruction results in 700 fields for each work.  There isn’t a creator for the aggregate work (i.e., the compilation) to give in the 1XX field.

245 0 0 ‡a Community band concerts / ‡c Sharon Polk. Fall harvest festivals / Terri Swanson.
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Polk, Sharon. ‡t Community band concerts.
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Swanson, Terri. ‡t Fall harvest festivals.

Example modified to follow PCC recommended practice for analytic added entries.

Example from YUL training slides for the preferred titles unit, modified for PCC recommended practice.

245 02   ‡a L'allégorie / ‡c Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe. Suivi de, Un commencement / par Jean-Luc Nancy.
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Lacoue-Labarthe, Philippe. ‡t Allégorie.
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Nancy, Jean-Luc. ‡t Commencement.