1. Single Author Compilations Example

Source: LC RDA Training Module 2, Slide  Sept. 12, 2012

Two Works by the Same Creator (RDA Alternative) Example

100 1   ‡a Miller, Arthur, ‡d 1915-2005
240 1 0 ‡a Plays. ‡k Selections
245 1 0 ‡a Two plays / ‡c Arthur Miller.
505 0   ‡a The Archbishop’s ceiling -- The American clock.
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Miller, Arthur, ‡d 1915-2005. ‡t Archbishop’s ceiling.  <core>
700 1 2 ‡i Contains (work): ‡a Miller, Arthur, ‡d 1915-2005. ‡t American clock.  <not core, but, in this case, recommended>

Presenter Notes:

"The basic RDA instruction [] says to name the works separately (shown here in the 700 fields).  An alternative says a conventional collective title, shown here in the 240 field, can be used in addition to the 700 fields.  The alternative also says the 240 field can be used in lieu of the 700 fields.

Also note that access points for any work in the compilation after the first is not a core requirement; giving access points for other works is cataloger’s judgment."

Subfield i practice, post-dating the training, has been added to the example.