8. Supplements and Other Companion Publications

Source: PCC Relationship Designator Guidelines TG Report Appendix D6
Book: Gray’s atlas of anatomy / Richard L. Drake [and 4 others] [Companion to Gray’s anatomy for students / Richard L. Drake, Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell. 2005]
700 1   $i Supplement to (work): $a Drake, Richard L. $q (Richard Lee), $d 1950- $t Gray’s anatomy for students. 8/16/
Accompanies specific expression:
Study guide to accompany Life, the science of biology, fifth edition, by Purves, Orians, Heller, and Sadava. Study guide prepared by Job C. Glase, Jerry A. Waldvogel.
700 1   $i Guide to (expression): $a Purves, William K., $d 1934- $t Life, the science of biology. $s Fifth edition.