1b. Preliminary Record (Book)>245, 246, 250

245 ‡a and ‡b (Title and other title information)

Record the title in field 245 according to the following pattern:

245 10  ‡a Title : ‡b other title information.

Transcribe the title as it appears on the title page or container. Do not transcribe initial articles or diacritics. If the book lacks a title page, record the title as it is found on the cover. Follow the capitalization used by the publisher; however, if the title is presented in ALL CAPS, just capitalize the first letter of each word. (Since capitalization has no impact on identification or retrieval, don't worry about getting it "right.") Use ‡b for other title information (such as subtitles, parallel titles, etc.) and precede it with a colon (:). Do not transcribe a statement of responsibility.


Your title page has:


by M.F.K. Fisher

 You can transcribe the title as indicated; you can leave out the the author statement.

 245 10 ‡a Boss Dog.

Title page:

Monet to Manet

Landscape Painting in France

245 10 ‡a Monet to Manet : ‡b Landscape Painting in France.

Under the current rules, ‡h [format type] is no longer used. Note that when the microfilm template is used, field 300 will identify the item as microfilm.

246 (Varying Form of Title)

Create field 246 in the following situations only:

If the title recorded in field 245 ‡a is in English and contains an ampersand (&), create a 246 field with the word "and" in place of the ampersand, using indicators as shown. As with titles, do not include the initial article or any diacritics.

Peace & War

reminiscences of a life on the frontiers of science

Robert L. Serber & Robert P. Crease

In the in-process record:

100 1_ ‡a Serber, Robert L.

245 10 ‡a Peace & War : ‡b reminiscences of a life on the frontiers of science.

246 1_ ‡a Peace and war.

If the title recorded in field 245 ‡a has an obvious typographical error, create a 246 field with the corrected text, using indicators as shown.

    Title page: Leve and Be Well

245 10 ‡a Leve and Be Well.

246 1_ ‡a Live and be well  <note that 246 does NOT end with a period>

250 Edition Statement

Record edition statements as they appear. You can leave out the diacritics; they will be supplied during the cataloging process. AACR2 required many abbreviations for the edition statement. The current RDA rules do not. Use abbreviations only if the word is abbreviated in the book.  The edition statement ends with a period whether or not the last word is an abbreviation.

250 __ ‡a Fifth Edition.

250 __ ‡a Revised 2nd ed.  <"2nd ed." appears that way on the verso of the title page>

250 __ ‡a Zweite Auflage.

250 __ ‡a Edition premiere.

Effective Date: 
February 10, 2014