2d. Preliminary Record (Serials)>Variable Fields: 264, 3xx, 7xx

264 _1 (Place, publisher) Record the place of publication and the name of the publisher in field 264. The second indicator should always be 1. Subfield c (date) is not transcribed.

If there is more than one place of publication, record the first named only. Transcribe the place as found; only abbreviate if the abbreviations appears on the issue.

If there is no place of publication, you can use [place of publication not identified]. However, if you can provide the state, province, or country in brackets, prefer state, province, or even country to "not identified." If you supply a name in brackets, spell out the names of states and provinces; do not use abbreviations.  If [place of publication not identified] is used, choose xx from the 008 menu for Country of Publication.

If there is no publisher named, omit ‡b (do not use [publisher not identified]). If you have the item in hand, transcribe the entire publisher name as found, and only use abbreviations if they appear on the issue in hand.

Under current guidelines, you should not enter distributor or printer information in 264 _1.


264 _1 ‡a Weston, FL U.S.A. : ‡b Modern Scientific Press Company

264 _1 ‡a Sabo-Yagba, Lagos, Nigeria  : ‡b PM Foresight Nigeria Limited

264 _1 ‡a [Oakland, California?] : ‡b Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

264 _1 ‡a Sugar Land, Texas : ‡b Imperial Holly Corporation

264 _1 ‡a [Cambridge, Massachusetts?]

264 _1 ‡a [New York, New York] : ‡b Margaret Fahnestock School of Nursing of the New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital

264 _1 ‡a [United States] : ‡b Arts Council of the African Studies Association

300 ‡a (Extent of item) 

Leave 300 ‡a as found in the template; size will be entered during the cataloging process.

300 __ ‡a volumes ; ‡c cm

310 (Current Publication Frequency) is NOT REQUIRED.

Not necessary for items processed as priority cataloging.

In order records, field 310 may be used to augment the description if the information is readily available and information available for required fields is limited. Use the terms listed in the 008 menu for Frequency. The 008 field itself can be left at | No attempt to code

336, 337, 338. These new fields were introduced with the implementation of the RDA rules. Always leave them in the record.


Field 588 for the source of description and the earliest and latest issues consulted is mandatory in current serials cataloging. Leave the 588 fields in the preliminary record. These fields will be completed by the cataloger when the issues are in hand. Field 588 does not display in the public catalog.

Access Points (Added Entries)

710 For corporate bodies is not required. If the established form of the name is readily available, it is OK to add a 710. Generally we will depend on keyword access via 264 or 245.

780/785 (Earlier title/Later title). These will generally be unnecessary in acquisitions processing, since new serial titles (and title changes) are treated as priority cataloging in YUL acquisitions units.

Effective Date: 
February 10, 2014