1d. Preliminary Record (Book)> 3xx and 830

3xx Fields

The current templates were revised as a result of the RDA rules. The book template will have 3xx fields for 300, 336, 337, and 338:

Do not include 300 in order records (just delete the field), but leave the other 3xx fields in the preliminary record.

With regard to the 300 field, if you have the book in hand,

  • input the last numbered page for single volume works
  • do not abbreviate pages
  • use 1 volume (various pagings) if the single volume has multiple or complicated pagination
  • use 1 volume (unpaged) if you have a single volume with no pagination at all
  • use 1 volume (unfoliated) if you have a single volume that consists of unnumbered leaves (printing is only on one side)
  • use <number> sheet(s) for an unbound sheet or sheets, but if the unbound sheets are in a portfolio or case (a box), use 1 portfolio or 1 case
  • for folded sheets, "folded" is sometimes in ‡a and sometimes in ‡c; if you think it is important to record, enter folded after cm
  • for multipart works, record the number of volumes. (But note that the abbreviation "v." is no longer used; spell out "volumes")
  • for incomplete sets, just enter volumes
  • when counting volumes, under current rules you only count physical volumes; you should never have something like: 4 volumes in 2 <you should have simply 2 volumes>

For the 300 subfields ‡b illustrations and ‡c cm, leave as is (to be filled in by cataloging). Under RDA cataloging rules, "cm" is not treated as an abbreviation, so leave it as without the period.


300 __ ‡a 329 pages : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm

300 __ ‡a 4 volumes : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm

300 __ ‡a volumes : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm

300 __ ‡a 1 volume (unpaged) : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm

300 __ ‡a 2 sheets : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm folded <"folded" is optional>

300 __ ‡a 1 portfolio (25 leaves of plates) : ‡b illustrations ; ‡c cm <counting the number of plates is optional; if the plates are unnumbered, the extent would have: 1 portfolio (25 unnumbered leaves of plates)>

Generally fields 336, 337, and 338 should be left as is. You can substitute sheet for volume in field 338 (rdacontent) if that is what you have in hand, but when in doubt, leave 338 as is.

Use a separate template for microfilm, which will have different values in 3xx. If you are handling a microfilm reproduction, include the pagination in parentheses if readily available; otherwise, 1 microfilm reel (or however many reels are in the set) is sufficient.

4XX (Series Statement)

Not necessary for a preliminary records created in Orbis. Enter the series in the 830 field instead.

Search for the series title in ORBIS and, if necessary, in LCDB. If the series is represented by an authority record, use the form of the series title as it is found in the authority record (including capitalization) in the 830 field. Record volume numbering from the piece in hand in ‡v, but use the caption as found in the series authority 642 field. Record the ISSN (International Standard Series Number) in ‡x if present. 

If the series is not represented by an authority record, but the series has been used in field 830 or 440 in a bibliographic record, use the name exactly as found in the bibliographic record field's 830 or 440 (including the capitalization). Record volume numbering from piece in hand in ‡v.

If the series is not represented by an authority record, and it has not been used in field 830 or 440 in a bibliographic record, record the series statement as it appears in the item in hand in the 830 field.

  • if the form on the series title page (usually a page preceding the title page) differs from the form on the title page, use the series title page form
  • omit initial articles and diacritics
  • transcribe abbreviations and capitalization as found on the item
  • if there is ‡v, use a semicolon to separate ‡a from ‡v; if there is no ‡v, end ‡a with a period (if there is a parenthesis at the end of the subfield, the addition of a period is not made)
  • record volume numbering from the piece in hand in ‡v
  • generally abbreviate captions ‡v (v. not volume); if there is a series authority record, use the abbreviation in field 642; separate the caption from the volume number with a space
  • end subfield ‡v with a period
  • if there is an ISSN (International Standard Series Number) associated with the series, transcribe the ISSN number after ‡v in ‡x, including the hyphen, and do not use end punctuation

Pattern: 830 _0 ‡a Series title ; ‡v Series numbering. ‡x ISSN

Examples (the last 2 examples are from PCC documentation)

830 _0 ‡a ArtScroll history series.

830 _0 ‡a Series in applied psychology (New York, N.Y.) ‡x 1048-8146

830 _0 ‡a Bibliographies of modern authors (San Bernardino, Calif.) ; ‡v no. 27. ‡x 0749-470X

Effective Date: 
February 10, 2014