Library Collection Services

Delivery Services

Delivery of library materials to members of the Yale community is a key component of the services provided by LCS. Currently LCS operates three different delivery services: Eli Express, which transports general collection materials paged by patrons and delivers it to six different pick-up locations on campus; the Special Collection Delivery service, which transports materials requiring special handling and additional security to several supervised library reading rooms; and the West Campus delivery service, which conveys materials requested by patrons at the Yale School of Nursing and elsewhere at West Campus.  In addition, LCS services six library drop-boxes located strategically throughout Central and West Campus and is participating in a pilot project to deliver library materials to selected faculty offices.

Additional delivery services are also provided on an as-needed basis, and in the past have involved such tasks as moving equipment for Library IT or transporting materials between OHAM and the Music Library. Inquiries concerning the LCS courier service should be directed to the Director of LCS.


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