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Shipping and Receiving for the Library

On July 1, 2014, the library implemented the first phase of a planned transition from internal fulfillment of its shipping and receiving needs to reliance on YPPS, TR&S, and Campus Mail to supply those services.  Our initial actions primarily focused on introducing changes in procedures governing two service areas: routine shipping of non-BD/ILL packages from SML and receiving for Acquisitions and ICSS.  At the same time, the YUL also stopped performing several tasks associated with incoming and outbound US mail and turned these functions over to central university service providers. The task of picking up incoming SML mail from the USPS, for example, was re-assigned at the start of the current fiscal year to the Campus Mail service operated by TR&S. At the same time, responsibility for metering outbound unstamped mail deposited at Sterling was assumed by YPPS.

The Library entered the second phase of the transition on October 6th, 2014.  This phase concentrated on transitioning service providers in two additional areas, namely processing non-routine shipments of outbound material and receiving for all remaining incoming materials at SML/Bass (excluding BD/ILL).  The documents linked to this webpage describe the nature of these procedural changes in some detail and contains information and further instructions, supplementing those shared in a YULIB message sent on 6/20/14, for staff to follow when shipping packages or when ordering materials to be delivered to Sterling.

It should be noted that some job tasks formerly assigned to Shipping and Receiving staff continue to be performed by library staff in Access Services.  These tasks include in-house delivery of mail and the shipping and receiving of Borrow Direct and ILL materials. Intra-library delivery of mail likewise continues to be a function of the Eli Express Service run by LCS.

Questions concerning shipping and receiving for the library and for SML and Bass in particular should be addressed to the Director of LCS at

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