Library Collection Services

Sample Address Blocks for Incoming Materials

Delivery Method: UPS/FedEX Ground Delivery Method: SciQuest Order
Yale University Library Yale University Library
Attn: Ulla Kasten Attn:  Debra Bush
Babylonian Collection, SML 324 Fortunoff Video Archive, SML 331C
344 Winchester Avenue (Docks 7/8) 130 Wall Street
New Haven, CT  06511-1918 New Haven, CT 06511-8944
Delivery Method:  United States Post Office Delivery Method: UPS/FedEX Express
Yale University Library Yale University Library
Attn:  Susan Chase-Jones Attn: Greg Blasko
Library Administrative Services, SML 152 Library IT, SML 509
120 High Street 120 High Street
New Haven, CT 06511-8944 New Haven, CT 06511-8944

 NB. The default address for materials ordered through SciQuest is 130 Wall Street.  Staff, however, should direct SciQuest orders to 344 Winchester unless they are aware that the vendor will deliver the materials directly to their desktop as directed.

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