Library Collection Services


Library Collection Services (LCS), a relatively new unit within the library, came into being as a result of the consolidation of staffs from SML Shipping and Receiving (S&R) and the Library Shelving Facility (LSF). The consolidation took effect on April 12, 2010, “following,” as Frank Turner noted in his announcement of the change “much lively discussion and a truly collaborative effort by C&T staff and Managers in both work units.”  Underlying the original consolidation was an urgent need to address a chronic staffing shortage which had plagued Shipping Room operations for over a year. These staffing issues were resolved in short order, as staff normally assigned to work at the LSF routinely rotated to SML to perform tasks in Shipping and Receiving.

Over time, additional shifts in priorities and workloads have brought further changes to the work unit’s structure and mission.  Most recently, some tasks previously performed by S&R staff have been assumed by university-wide service providers, while others have become the responsibility of Access Services. LCS, however, continues to provide numerous services for the library community and its patrons including the Eli Express and Special Collection delivery services, electronic delivery of requested materials shelved at LSF, and shelving relief for on-campus libraries through its annual transfer program.

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