Library Collection Services


On February 11, 2015 current and former LCS staff members gathered for a luncheon at Mory’s to celebrate an important milestone reached at the Library Shelving Facility (LSF) in the month of December: the retrieval of the millionth item from the off-campus collection and its delivery to an on-campus location to fulfill a patron’s request.

As was noted in an e-mail message sent to the entire library on January 8th, the LSF was originally conceived as the home for the YUL’s least-used collections, and usage continues to be the primary criterion for selection for transfer to off-campus shelving.  As the number of items shelved at LSF grows, however, the facility continues to experience a commensurate growth in its overall circulation.  In FY 14, 110K items were retrieved at LSF and, if the current rate of growth holds for the remainder of this fiscal year, the unit's circulation will again increase for the seventh year in a row.

The luncheon proved an excellent opportunity both for staff who have worked at LSF over the past 16 years to reconnect, and for the LCS managers to recognize staff for the remarkable speed, accuracy, and efficiency with which they perform this vital circulation function.


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