News-May 4, 2015

Library Collection Services (LCS) received prominent mention in the April Library IT Newsletter for two important initiatives completed last month.

The first initiative focused on the successful upgrade and migration of the LAS application (Attic) on April 10th following several weeks of testing and a good deal of collaborative effort among staff at LCS, Library IT, and software vendors Atlas and GFA.  The second initiative enabled the delivery of materials to the new home of the Beinecke’s technical services staff at 344 Winchester Avenue.  On the LCS side, the preparatory work required the creation of a new delivery destination—BE 344—in Attic as well as changes in the delivery stop mappings.  Library IT in turn developed the necessary links to communicate requests generated in Aeon and Voyager for deliveries to Winchester. Thanks to these software updates, both special collection deliveries and deliveries of general collection materials paged through Eli Express can now be delivered to Beinecke staff stationed at Winchester.

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Monday, May 4, 2015 - 3:13pm