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Fact Sheet


The Yale University Library Shelving Facility is located at 147 Leeder Hill Drive, Hamden, CT 06517-2731.


The LSF is comprised of an 8,000 square foot processing area where materials are prepared for accessioning, as well as seven modules containing over 66,000 square feet of shelving space. The processing area is composed of a Dryvit Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS). The first shelving module incorporates a concrete block shell construction and 3" inch thick urethane panels (R value: 21.6) with 26 gauge galvanized facing. Subsequent modules were constructed with prefabricated concrete slabs containing insulation. The module floors are composed of superflat concrete (rated at 100F) with an underslab vapor barrier consisting of a flexible sandwich of high density polyethylene aluminum with a perm rating of 0.0142. The shelving module roof vapor barrier is made up of mylar and aluminum and has a perm rating of 0.0000.


Within the shelving module area, the roll-formed, all-steel shelves all have specific adjustability. Shelves are set in uprights welded in a frame configuration and are generally 53.5 inches x 36 inches (shelves near duct work are 40 inches x 36 inches). Shelving is arranged in twenty- eight aisles and divided into tiers of ladders or shelving segments. The aisle width between shelving is 46 inches.


Materials are retrieved from the shelving module with the aid of three rail guided, high-level orderpickers, each with a maximum load capacity of 2300 lbs.


The Yale LSF maintains two loading docks, each offering protection from external weather. One dock, used for the delivery of supplies, is equipped with a dock leveler. The maximum length of a delivery vehicle/van which can be accommodated at the other, interior, dock (used to offload items to be shelved at the facility) is 25 feet. Each dock can accommodate one vehicle at a time. Overhead doors supply access from the facility to the loading dock areas; there is also access to the interior dock through a man door.


The environment inside the shelving module is rigorously controlled by an environmental system designed to provide heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification as needed to maintain the required conditions: a constant 50°F temperature with 30° relative humidity.


The source of lighting for the staff and processing areas is indirect fluorescent; inside the shelving module lighting is supplied by a mixture of high pressure sodium lamps and motion-activated fluorescent.


The shelving modules are equipped with a standard wet pipe system with in-rack sprinkler heads and a class II fire hose system.


The LSF is protected by a University installed intrusion alarm system which is continuously monitored from central campus.


Materials shelved at the Yale LSF are accessioned, retrieved, and refiled with the aid of locator software supplied by Generation Fifth Applications.

LSF Fact Sheet

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