Library Collection Services

Shipping Materials: Non-Routine Shipments

Non-routine shipments within SML are those shipments which by the nature of their physical size, condition, or quantity preclude library staff from depositing them in the central collection box provided for that purpose.

Anyone who works at SML who cannot deposit outbound shipments requiring processing in the central collection box should follow the procedure outlined here for non-routine shipping.  Staff at libraries other than SML/Bass should likewise now use YPPS for those materials they formerly have sent to SML Shipping and Receiving (either via Eli Express or through other special arrangements) to be shipped.

if you have a non-routine shipment of material, please adhere to the following procedure:

  1. Contact YPPS by calling their central number (2-6560) and describe the nature of your shipment.
  2. Schedule a pickup of your outbound materials by YPPS staff. YPPS will come at no charge to pick up your shipment and transport it to their facility at 344 Winchester Avenue where they will process and ship it.
  3. If the material you need to ship requires packaging, you can request that YPPS package it for you.  In most cases, the fee for this packaging service is $4.00 per package.
  4. Make sure that, as with routine shipments, you complete and attach a shipping memo that includes the appropriate four-digit departmental code for charging purposes as well as an e-mail address which can be used to send a notification when the package has shipped.

If you have any questions concerning what constitutes a routine or a non-routine shipment, please contact YPPS for guidance.  Please note that it is acceptable to place a smaller item for routine shipment in the central collection box without it being wrapped as long as a shipping memo is firmly attached; however, the advisability of doing so may depend on other factors, including the nature of the material itself.

It is advisable that library staff be proactive when discussing options for processing non-routine shipments.  We must remember that our own shipping and receiving staff operated with the benefit of many years’ experience when meeting library-specific shipping needs. It may take our new partners in YPPS some time to become familiar with the unique nature of and requirements for the materials we ship.  Any assistance you can offer them in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 3:09pm