Library Collection Services

Transport Containers

Library Collection Services (LCS) owns several styles of containers (often referred to as crates, bins, or totes) which can be used to transport library materials.  Following is a list with illustrations--and dimensions--of our current stock.  Dimensions record the length and width at the top/opening of each container. Please keep in mind that many containers taper in varying degrees and may therefore be somewhat narrower at the base.

Lateral Crate

Sample Barcode: LX00001

Dimensions: 41.25” long X 16.25” wide X 12.25” deep

Workhorse of special collection deliveries, this tote is ideal for transporting Paige boxes (#15), standard Hollinger boxes (both letter and legal size) as well as a host of other archival boxes

Computer Crate

Sample Barcode: PX00001

Dimensions: 25” long X 20.5” wide X 23” deep

The computer crate is used primarily to transport oversize Paige boxes (#17) and Hollinger boxes.

Large Gray Tote

Sample Barcode: PR00001

Dimensions: 25.75” long X 18.5” wide X 14.5” deep

This tote may be used to transport appropriately sized flat boxes or folios

Medium Blue Tote

Sample Barcode: BX00001

Dimensions: 24.5” long X 15.5” wide X 12” deep

LCS only has nine of these totes on hand.  When appropriate they can be used to transport small boxes, bound volumes, or AV materials.

Smaller Gray Tote

Sample Barcode: TB00001

Dimensions: 20” long X 13.75” wide X 11” deep

Designed primarily for transporting bound volumes this tote is now being used to convey materials to the Preservation department at 344 Winchester.  The tote will also be used as the transport container to distribute materials processed by YUL Technical Services when that unit relocates to Winchester in the spring of 2016

Standard Blue Tote

Sample Barcode: BX00001

Dimensions: 21.5” long X 15” wide X 7.5” deep

This tote is used almost exclusively to transport bound volumes and microfilm being transferred to LSF.

There are 4 different size flatbeds that can be requested:


FX00001- 36" wide 60" long

FX00002- 24" wide 36" long

FX00003- 30" wide 48" long

FX00004- 30" wide 60" long

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