New Books

New Books is a list of new materials received by the library in the last month, including books, CDs, videos, etc. Newspapers, journals, and other serials are not included.

Select Location: To view New Books, first select a library location. If you do not see the specific location you are interested in, select 'All locations'.

Note: Library Locations represent the physical location(s) where the books or other materials are shelved. Books and other materials from a specific discipline or subject area may be in more than one location.

Period: Select a Period to include new materials acquired last week, in the last 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks. If you select 'last 4 weeks,' you will see all materials selected in the last month.

Sort by: You can indicate whether your list is sorted by Title, Author or Call Number in the Sort by list. Note that some of the titles on the New Books list do not yet have call numbers assigned. For New Books in the Government Documents & Information Center, sort by Call Number for best results.

Search for: You can refine your list by entering a title word (such as 'Ecuador,') an author name, or a call number.