Search History

Search History allows you to re-run or edit searches you have performed in your current session. The most recent 20 searches are displayed. The search history will reset each time the current session times out (i.e. the screen returns to the new search page, approximately every 10 min.). 

The Search History screen displays

  • the type of search (author, keyword, title, etc.) and the words or phrases entered 
  • the Search Type (Basic or Advanced)
  • the number of items found for each search (Results)
  • available actions (re-run, edit, save)

To view search history:

  1. Click on the Search History link in the upper right hand corner of the page  
  2. Choose an action :
  • re-run to perform a search again 
  • edit to modify a search before searching again
  • or to save search results for future visits, log in to My Account and follow instructions for My Searches