Library Information Technology

Working with Images

Before working in Drupal, you can use a simple editor to resize an image. Staff can edit pictures using Microsoft Office 2010. Use Edit Pictures >  "Resize" or "Crop."  If you resize you should maintain the aspect ratio.

Sizes in Use

  • Billboard Image must be larger than 650x217 pixes
  • People Picture style: people_thumbnail.  Upload dimension 1600x1200 (1024KB)

Change Sizes

Create a style to set the image size in Configuration > Media > Image Styles

  • The "Thumbnail (100x100)" will change 800(w)x 600(h) image to 100x75
  • The "square_thumbnail" will change 800x600 image "Scale and Crop" to 48x48
  • The "people_thumbnail_small" is 60x90
  • For "PL Photo Size" do Scale and crop 240x180 and the Resize 210x155
  • Square 60x60 for PL home page and PL Search Page "Browse all PL"