Accessibility Checklist for Editors and Content Owners

Web Pages

Using YaleSites and LibGuides as designed should ensure that your web page is accessibility. When you create a web page using one of these resources check that 

  • The page title is meaningful.
  • Every image or form button has an ALT tag. The ALT tag should convey the meaning and content of the image. The exception to this rule is if the image is purely decorative, in which case do not provide an ALT tag.
  • The page is divided into meaningful segments using headings 3 and 4, and bulleted or numbered lists (applied through the page editor).
  • Non-English language is marked with the correct language tag.
  • Do not alter the color scheme of the default text and the default background color. 
  • Make sure color contrast is a minimum 4.5:1, or if large text (14 pt and larger) a minimum contrast ratio of 3:1.


  • When creating a video or audio provide a synchronized transcript. 

Test the Page

  • Try to run through the page using only the keyboard by tabbing through the page elements. You should be able to access every element on the page.
  • Try increasing text view 200% and make the page dimensions much smaller. Text should not "break" and the display should still work. 
  • Run the page through the WAVE tool to identify markup problems. 
  • If you've changed colors, make sure that there are no color contrast issues by using a color checker such as the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker.