Many of the following form accessibility guidelines are taken care of automatically when using YaleSites forms.

  • Put instructions at top of form.
  • Describe any form button using ALT attribute. For example, if a magnifying glass is used with a search box, you might use "submit search."
  • Give any input a text LABEL value with a matching INPUT ID value. This is done for you in YaleSites.
  • The LABEL and INPUT field must be close together with little white space between (YaleSites does this). 
  • Group together related form elements.
  • Ensure that the user can page through all elements using the keyboard only (YaleSites does this).
  • Write informative labels on forms.
  • Mark required fields clearly (YaleSites uses the red asterisk).
  • Provide a summary of entry errors at the top of the form after submission (YaleSites does this).

Test the form by moving through it with the keyboard only (do not use the mouse). You should not get stuck in any one element and should be able to move from one entry to the next. In YaleSites, this should not be a problem.

These guidelines were adapted from Webaim Checklist.