Library Collection Services

Permanent Withdrawals from LSF

Procedures for Transferring Material Shelved at the LSF to an On-Campus Library

Standard Procedure for Requesting Items Shelved at LSF be Permanently Returned to an On-Campus Location
(LSF Permanent Withdrawals)

1. An authorized staff member on-campus requests the item(s) that she/he wishes to have permanently withdrawn by placing a call-slip request.

2. Once the item (s) is/are delivered to the designated drop point, the permanent location, MFHD location, and item type should be changed by the appropriate on-campus staff to reflect the material's new shelving location.

3. Following the update of the Voyager record(s), the requestor should click this form or go to the LSF SharePoint site and click the Permanent Withdraw form at the top of the page. 

4. After the form is filled out and submitted, items will be permanently withdrawn from the LSF inventory within 24-48 hours.

5. The requestor may access an electronic receipt for the withdrawal through the following link:

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