1f. Microform Reproductions (Purchased): Example (Serial)

Record derived locally from LC/CONSER cataloging for the original print serial; modified or corrected.


Label Code Notes
Type of Record a Language material
Bibliographic Level s Serial
Encoding Level 1 Full level, material not examined
Cataloging Form i ISBD punctuation (not "a")


Select tab microform.

Label Code Notes
Specific Material Designation d Microfilm reel
Positive/Negative Aspect a Positive
Dimensions f 35 mm - Microfilm
Reduction Ratio Range a Low reduction
Reduction Ratio ||| No attempt to code
Color b Black-and-white
Emulsion on film a Silver halide
Generation c Service copy
Base of Film a Safety-base, undetermined


Mandatory fields

Label Code Notes
Publication Status c Serial item currently published
Date 1 1976 Original issuing date
Date 2  9999  
Place of Publication nyu original place of publication
Frequency m Monthly <not mandatory>
Regularity r Regular  <not mandatory>
Type of Continuing Resource p Periodical
Form of Item a Microfilm 
Entry Convention 0 Successive entry
Language eng English
Cataloging Source d Other

Variable Data Fields

Comment: 040: add ‡b eng but no ‡e rda. A number of fields should have been removed at the time of cataloging: 010, 022, 037, 042, 050 00, 070, 072, 082, 210, 222, since none of them applied to the item in hand. Removed 13 obsolete 510 fields; probably still valid at the time of cataloging. Re-tagged DBO note from 500 to 588 (cataloging probably pre-dates introduction of 588). The 525 field for the supplement needs to be verified; a microfilm version may not have been issued with the microfilm serial. The two 740 02's are linked to the 525 supplement note. If the 525 is not applicable, then the 740 02's should be deleted as well. Changed subfield x to subfield v in 650's (cataloging probably pre-dates introduction of the form subdivision). Removed: ‡w (DLC)   76646892 ‡w (OCoLC)2675792 from 785 since these link to the print version.

040     ‡a CtY ‡b eng ‡c CtY
050   4 ‡a TR845
245 0 0 ‡a SMPTE journal : ‡b publication of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. <no ‡h [microform>
246 1   ‡a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers journal
260     ‡a [Scarsdale, NY] : ‡b The Society,
300     ‡a v. : ‡b ill., ports. ; ‡c 29 cm.
310     ‡a Monthly
336     ‡a text ‡b txt ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a microform ‡b h ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a microfilm reel ‡b hd ‡2 rdacarrier
362 1   ‡a Began with Jan. 1976.
588     ‡a Description based on: Vol. 91, no. 9 (Sept. 1982); title from cover.
555     ‡a 1976-1980 as v. 92, no. 1 (Jan. 1983, pt. 2).
525     ‡a Has separately paged supplement published each year as pt. 2 of one of the monthly issues of the Journal called: Directory for members, 1997; Worldwide directory for members, 1998- <??>
533     ‡a Microfilm. ‡b Ann Arbor, Mich. : ‡c UMI, ‡d [2001?-    ] ‡e  microfilm reels ; 35 mm. ‡7 m20019999miu  a
650   0 ‡a Cinematography ‡v Periodicals.
650   0 ‡a Television ‡v Periodicals.
710 2   ‡a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.
740 0 2 ‡a Directory for members. <??>
740 0 2 ‡a Worldwide directory for members.  <??>
780 0 0 ‡t Journal of the SMPTE
785 0 5 ‡a Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. ‡t Directory for members - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, inc.


852 8 1 ‡b smlmic ‡h Film ‡i S3862
866 4 1 ‡8 0 ‡a v.85(1976)-v.110(2001)