2d. Microfilm Reproductions (In-House): Example

Original cataloged by LC, record for in-house microfilm created by YUL:


Note that the original record was not cataloged using ISBD, so Cataloging Form is blank.

Label Code Notes
Type of Record a Language material
Bibliographic Level m Monograph
Encoding Level 1 Full level, material not examined
Cataloging Form blank Non-ISBD punctuation


Select tab microform.

Label Code Notes
Specific Material Designation d Microfilm reel
Positive/Negative Aspect a Positive
Dimensions f 35 mm - Microfilm
Reduction Ratio Range a Low reduction
Reduction Ratio 014  
Color b Black-and-white
Emulsion on film a Silver halide
Generation c Service copy
Base of Film a Safety-base, undetermined


Only mandatory fields are listed.

Label Code Notes
Publication Status s Single date
Date 1 1853 original date
Date 2  blank  
Place of Publication enk original place of publication
Form of Item a Microfilm 
Language eng English
Cataloging Source d Other

Variable Data Fields

Comments: Derived from the YUL record for the original. 040 error: the 040 was copied from the original. Corrected form in the example. Unable to determine whether the 035 was copied from the original, so it's been left in the example.  050 _4 class number from the LC record.

035     ‡9 FMC3857YL  <?>
040     ‡a CtY ‡b eng ‡c CtY <YUL record had: ‡a DLC ‡c CLE ‡d YUS ‡d CtY>
043     ‡a n-us--- ‡a s------
050   4 ‡a DA68.12
100 1   ‡a Chesterton, George Laval, ‡e author.
245 1 0 ‡a Peace, war, and adventure : ‡b an autobiographical memoir of George Laval Chesterton.
260     ‡a London, ‡b Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, ‡c 1853.
300     ‡a 2 v. ‡c 19 cm.
336     ‡a text ‡b txt ‡2 rdacontent
337     ‡a microform ‡b h ‡2 rdamedia
338     ‡a microfilm reel ‡b hd ‡2 rdacarrier
533     ‡a Microfilm. ‡b New Haven, CT : ‡c Yale University Library. ‡d 1999 ‡e 1 reel. 35 mm. ‡7 s1999    ctu  a
651   0 ‡a United States ‡x History ‡y War of 1812 ‡v Personal narratives.
651   0 ‡a South America ‡x History ‡y Wars of Independence, 1806-1830.



852 8 0 ‡b smlmic ‡h Film ‡i B17519:4

MFHD for Printing Master. System Tab: should be checked for suppression in OPAC. Location will flip to lsfpresr. For "filmed with" procedures, see Bound with Procedures.

852 8 0 ‡b smlneg ‡k Suppressed ‡h Film ‡i N14448 ‡x Printing master ‡z Filmed with 3 other titles