Cataloging @Yale

2a. Microfilm Reproductions (Created In-House): Fixed Fields

Leader and 008 follow the same pattern as Microfilm Reproductions (Purchased)


Label Code Notes
Type of Material a Language material
Bibliographic Level m or s Monograph or Serial
Encoding Level 1 Full level, Material Not Examined
ISBD punctuation blank or i Use "i" for ISBD punctuation; blank if pre-ISBD. If the Leader for the original source uses "a" change to "i"


Label Code Notes
Publication status s or m Use code for the date of the original
Dates 1-2   Use date or dates of the original; enter reprint date in 533
Form of Item a Microfilm
Cataloging Source d Other. Do not use c (Cooperative Cataloging)


In addition, create three 007s. Values will be the same as Microfilm Reproductions(Purchased) above, except Generation values should be:

a first generation (master)
b printing master
c service copy


Create 007s in reverse order, service copy first, first generation master last.

Service copy:


Printing master:

First generation master: