3b. Microfiche (Always Purchased): Variable Fields, MFHD, Item Record

Variable Fields

Follow the guidelines in Microfilm Reproductions (Purchased): Variable Fields.

533 subfields specific to microfiche: 533 ‡a Microfiche

533 ‡e <no.> microfiches <Dimensions are usually not given for microfiches prior to RDA>


Note: in the monograph example,

4 blank spaces after ‡7 s1978

1 blank space after oncn

533     ‡a Microfiche. ‡b [Ottawa] : ‡c National Archives of Canada, ‡d [1978?] ‡e 2 microfiches. ‡7 s1978    oncn b


533     ‡a Microfiche. ‡m Jan. 1930-Nov. 1945. ‡b Glen Rock, N.J. : ‡c Microfilming Corp. of America, ‡d 1975. ‡e 66 microfiches. ‡7 d19301945njmrb


852 first indicator 8 (other classification scheme). Second indicator 0 (single part monograph) or 1 (serial or multipart monograph) as appropriate.

Location smlmic (or other location as appropriate). The location smlmic includes EAC and MSS microfilms.

Call numbers used by the SML Cat. Dept.:

Monographs. Assign accession number for Film B using the YUL Accession Number Tool.

852 8 0 ‡b smlmic ‡h Fiche ‡i B[accession number]

Serials. Assign accession number from the Film S shelflist using the YUL Accession Number Tool.

852 8 1 ‡b smlmic ‡h Fiche ‡i S[accession number]

CALL NUMBERS FOR OTHER LOCATIONS: assign according to the appropriate scheme for the location.

Volume holdings

Create volume holdings for the microfiche replacement when appropriate.
Record bibliographic information, not information regarding number of fiches.

Item Record

Procedures for SML:
Only one item record is created for the microfiche(s) and the barcode is affixed to a card, which accompanies the microfiche(s) when sent for cataloging. After the title is cataloged, the item record is discharged and the microfiche(s) is sent to the Microtext Room with a printout of the copy holdings record.  The item record should then be deleted.

For other locations, follow appropriate procedures.